Celebrating yoU!

Saturday, October 1, 11am…

The launch of The Beautiful Series Event was finally here!

It begun with a lot of panic!

On my part.

The day we’d been waiting for all this time was here- just minutes before guests were to arrive for The Beautiful Series Event, I’d only managed to get three platters of food served- we needed at least 19 more on the tables!

Gifts for the guests were still beautifully wrapped in the box they’d come in- they still needed items placed in them and set out on the tables for each guest…

Glasses were still packed away- so were the jugs…

Guests start arriving and our table-seating plans are out the window because I’m busy trying to sort out sound and visuals because the technical problems are just not getting resolved- oh yeah we have tons of food made but we still need to get it onto the platters and on the tables…

My friend Antonette has manged to do the impossible so far- we have glorious flowers beautifully decorated on the tables- oh! also, she’s had to RE-ARRANGE the tables all by herself because the way we’d set them the day before has now had to change too. Because of the technical difficulties, we’ve had to improvise a new stage to accommodate the projector- meaning that what we’d arranged as our front, where the speakers would be, is now the back…

Some ladies are calling on my phone, frantic because they’re lost- their gpses are taking them to places other than where they should be- so while trying to do sound and visuals; food; organise some help for my friend Antonette who’s doing a million things at once- we’re trying to direct people to the venue-

It sounds like chaos right?

BUT. Then magic happens.

The first guests start to trickle in- the moment they arrive- purses down- they roll up sleeves and ask- How can we help?

Zaar and Lisa, I’ll never forget how you two just plunged in and helped

My friend Linnette Durant walked in- did the same- there she was packing gifts along with Ashika Ramparsad and Nicolet Britz.

Sisanda comes along- she’s on the verge of KILLING me because, why on earth didn’t I tell her I needed help! She scolds me. She and her friend Viwe jump into the kitchen- get the rest of the platters plated- at this point Linnette has just finished with ensuring all the gifts look gorgeous and on the tables- she rushes off to the kitchen to help Sisanda and Viwe…

I can’t even say how many other women jumped in to help- because as I was whizzing to and fro- I could just see a buzz of activity- the buzz included women whose faces I didn’t even know just giving of themselves wherever we needed the help.

Even after the event- women were still helping us, among them Eyram Ayayee and Maggie Dyer who helped clean up and pack away.

Even after everything she’d already done, Antonette was still grafting after the event- where she got all that strength is just astounding.

That’s me, making an attempt to thank my dearest friend Antonette

Here’s the thing- I COMPLETELY underestimated what it’d take to serve the number of guests we had! Now. I. Know!

We’re already planning for our next event- you can be sure we’ll have a lot more hands on deck this time round!

Shoooo! By the time we needed to start the event, the venue looked glorious and so very beautiful.

Each table had food platters and beverages, (again prepared by Antonette) of gorgeous lemon and mint iced water as well fruit juice.

I opened the event – after we prayed, acknowledging that this was all about Jesus- my dear friend Dudu came up and delivered her powerful Poem Lift Up Your Eyes.

Dudu reciting "Lift up Your eyes"
Dudu reciting  her poem “Lift up Your eyes”

Even now I’m still tearing up when I think of her delivery because what a beautiful mix of women we were at this event- we all had our various pasts, our different destinies our unique stories- yet there we were- called for a time such as this- all of us connected by our DaddyGod-

I thought of all those beautiful hands that were active in making the event happen- I told Dudu later that by the time she’d reached the part in her poem that said, “Look at the woman on your other side…” I was finished! Just blown away!

Completely overwhelmed by Daddy’s Love and the connection He’s calling us to as sisters.

Yes our callings are so very specific to each one of us- but we’re not meant to walk these roads alone.

I saw that for myself on Saturday.

After Dudu,

Ms Iris Cupido spoke and set the house on FIRE!

Wow that was amazing!

Iris Cupido
Iris Cupido

I can’t even say what Iris’ talk did or what it entailed- that you had to be there to experience.

Tertia’s Story

Then Tertia Butler shared her story- Tertia I’ve received messages from women, who, through your story, have been inspired to do more with the gifts God’s given them. Some of them say you’ve given them courage to tell their own stories of sexual abuse in the hope that they can inspire others like you did them.

Tertia on breaking free from “Labels”


And these are not the only testimonies we’ve received- it’s been overwhelming that the bulk of feedback we’re getting isn’t just, “Oh thank you that was inspiring”. It’s more than that- women are telling us very specific things they are going to do now- things they’ve wanted to do for years but kept putting off- now they’re not just thinking and talking about them- they’re doing it!

What it means…

To get such feedback has meant a lot to my husband and I. Because while I’ve been working on the front-lines of organising this event, he’s been my go-to person for everything that ended up coming to fruition.

So for us to hear that the impact was not only profound but effected actual, tangible, change testifies that this is indeed supernatural and therefore God.


Even now, days later, the song Tertia played in her talk, Family Tree by Matthew West is still on repeat in my head.

I love it because it’s reminding me over and over that God’s given me everything I need to create a legacy for my family- for my children- and for the women of this generation-

Like the song says, my yesterday doesn’t define me- what I’m doing now- what you’re doing now- that’s what matters.

After Tertia spoke we had a short break in which Nicolet and Sisanda rushed out to do a before and after look for Niolet’s make-up make-over of Sisanda.


Olivia, who’d been taking pics of the event joined Nicolet and Sisanda to capture the before and after look. That was fun- thanks to the three of you for making it happen.

God’s Provision

Then Stella sung I know the Lord God will make a way… for me.


I grew up hearing and singing that song- but at the event it had such deeper meaning for me…

Just three months ago all this event was, was a desire in my heart.

The moment I felt I needed to start The Beautiful Series Event, I did.

I had virtually no money to do this- didn’t have the expertise needed to organise something like this- nor the help to do it- but I didn’t ask questions- I knew it was God and I just started. How it’d pan out I was leaving to Him. I was just going to do what was required of me.

God is faithful. So faithful. And He did make a beautiful way for me- which ended up blessing other women too.

That story of the fishes and the loaves- I pray we’d believe that miracle for us.

God doesn’t care how small it is- He just asks, Will you give it? Will you trust Me to make it more?

Ashika’s Story

Then Ashika Ramparsad shared her story- oh my dear sister!

Now remember this was not the first time I'd heard Ashika tell her story- she'd told it to my husband and I twice before already.
Now remember this was not the first time I’d heard Ashika tell her story- she’d told it to my husband and I twice before already.

Also, as I was prepping for the event she’d given it to me to go through again and I’d read it- but to see her up there, speaking- telling us where she’d been- what she’d survived- how she now lives: not a victim but a victor! That blessed and challenged me so very deeply.

I know God will open more doors for her to share her story- because it’s so needed!

Our hearts!

Then my Booh shared about the heart.

Thank You to everyone who's written to me since specifically mentioning how my husband Rico's talk blessed you.
Thank You to everyone who’s written to me since specifically mentioning how my husband Rico’s talk blessed you.

He’d felt he hadn’t reached anyone with what he’d shared on Saturday.

Other than the feedback we’ve received from ladies who were blessed by his talk, Rico’s teaching is what everything that was shared Saturday hinges on- the condition of our hearts.

Come to think of it, when I think of every miracle Jesus did- he didn’t just heal- He had to deal with the condition of hearts. Whether it was of those around Him or of the people who needed a miracle.

The most important breakthrough to happen for me this year has come from Rico counselling me on my heart and showing me why I’ve failed in the past and how I can steer away from failure.

Breaking that pattern of self-destruction and self-sabotage has empowered me to achieve things I’ve struggled to make happen for years!

Now when I’m about to fall back into that trap that results in failure again, I hear my husband’s voice asking- Where is this coming from? And I confront those lies that have crippled me before and stand on God’s truth that I am delivered and healed and that my portion is to succeed not fail.

There is still so much growing, healing and learning that needs to happen in my own life- but I can truly say that I am not the same person today as I was three months ago when I started The Beautiful Series Event.

My heart has changed- and is changing more every day.

May we, as Ric shared and The Scriptures teach, guard our hearts with diligence because truly- out of it flow the issues of life.

YOU made it happen!

Olivia Sambo and Machtild Brenholc
Olivia Sambo and Machtild Brenholc

This event would not exist if it weren’t for every woman who has connected with us through this process and joined this Beautiful Movement.

I see all your faces.

I pray for you.

I’m excited for what God’s doing in each of you and I urge you to go for your dreams and pursue the things God has set on your heart.

What Now?

Our next event is on Feb 4, 2017. The theme is ‘Celebrating You’.

I am beyond excited because no longer are we to fall prey to false definitions of beauty.

Where was everyone when God said to each of us “YOU are fearfully and WONDERFULLY made.” ?

Yet here most of us are yearning for something different, buckling under the pressure to be this or that- asking for lights out when those moments of intimacy come- NO MORE! Come Feb 4, We’re Celebrating YOU!

Divorced? You are no less than you were married, We’re celebrating You.

Single? You are no less spectacular than your married buddies, We’re celebrating You.

Struggling financially? You’re no less valuable than the woman in the corner office and the big fancy house, We’re celebrating You.

Told you might never have kids- you are NO less a woman! We’re celebrating You.

Down and depressed and don’t know what life has in store for you, We’re celebrating YOU baby!

God celebrates You every moment He lives. You have got to join Him in celebrating YOU!

So that’s Feb 4.

I’ll be sending some more info soon.

Watch this page!



P.S. Here’s that song I mentioned earlier, Family Tree by Matthew West


Knock Knock!


In my recent blog post Even the Closed door is a blessing, I shared about how my husband had showed me the truth of that statement.

It’s something I’ve had to internalise because those of you in business know about this- it’s a skill that’s taken me a long time to even begin to acquire: Sales.

The most successful entrepreneurs are generally those who are also (really!) good at sales.

This was terrible news for me because I couldn’t sell ice to parched people in the desert!

For years, I’d been praying for a person who would take-over the sales role in my project- because I sucked at it! And the very thought of having to pick up the phone to approach a potential client made my blood curdle!

It was terrifying and quite frankly I hated it! Absolutely loathed it with every fibre of my being.

Until I learned two, well actually three, things:

1. To not take No as rejection.

2. To not take No’s personally and

3. Learn to tell my story not sell a service

The third made the first two very easy.

Ooooh and then there was a fourth which a Sales Executive was kind enough to share with me- and THIS one is the key that has opened doors I never thought I could knock on:

4. Solve a problem!

This Sales Exec told me, “Find their problem. Tell them how you plan to solve it. I promise you- even if they don’t have the money for your solution, they’ll find the money!”

That advice has done me worlds of good I cannot even begin to tell you about!

You see, for the longest time

the “business” part of my project was something I really didn’t connect with.

I enjoyed the project itself- but the money side of things made me ill. Like literally.

I had read a gazillion articles on “kicking butt” in sales- bought a number of books including copies of: Words that Sell, More Words that Sell and Phrases that Sell. 

I frantically devoured my mentor’s highly recommended The Irresistible Offer which I thought would turn me into a star seller overnight…

I even got myself the highly acclaimed Thou Shall Prosper…

All great reads- but none of them helped me get out of my inability to sell!

Until I changed.

The first change was changing the connection I had with what I was doing.

It was a hard realisation but I came to the point where I realised that the main reason I struggled to sell what I was selling was, I didn’t really believe in it.

My commitment to it was halfhearted because, as I later came to terms with: what I was selling was NOT a service I truly wanted to offer. I could do it- I was good at it- but it wasn’t really my thing.

Giving up what I was doing at the time was hard.

Really really hard. Because I’d invested so much into it-

But I had to make a decision: hang onto something that was destroying every cell in my soul- or start over, in something I knew and had always known, I was supposed to be doing.

I can’t share with you here how devastated I was making this decision- but I made it.

Fast forward to me doing what I’d always wanted to do but had quit doing because it’d become too hard… long story- but I delved back into it.

To make it happen I needed money. To get the money I needed buy-in from people.

That meant selling!

But this time my strategy was different- I was going to tell my story. And I would only tell it to people who I felt strongly would buy-into what I was sharing.

Secondly I was not going to take No’s personally. And I was not going to see them as rejection of either me or my idea.

This was business. Period.

Also, I made the decision to recover quickly from a No.

Get a No, thank the person for their time and instantly move onto my next prospect.

Now, I L O V E what I’m doing! All of it. I love the project- I even enjoy the selling part.

Because I believe with all my heart that what I’m selling matters- that it WILL change lives and everyone involved in this project will win. I believe that with all of my being. The conviction is so complete that it’s really hard to take No’s as rejection. I see them as part of the process.

Part of the story of my journey.

It’s still hard sometimes and it does get frustrating- but I understand what the game is about now- I respect it and I’m willing to play and give it all I’ve got. Because I believe in it. Whole-heartedly.

(This project I’m talking about is not The Beautiful Series Event– I’ll share more in due course).

For now though, whatever project you’re involved in, whether it’s a business or non-profit- you’re going to have to do some selling. In fact, that’s probably where most of your time will go- Especially if you’re starting out.

You might not call it “selling”- for non-profits you might call it “giving” but it’s all the same. People have to part with their money.

Sales, is not dirty, it’s not ugly and it’s definitely not dishonourable.

I used to see sales people as dodgy, greasy, two-faced liars who couldn’t tell the truth even if they (really really) tried.

It’s hard to be something you loathe so passionately!

One of the things I had to debunk was how I viewed sales people. Because an enormous part of making my project work was having to become a brilliant sales person. I couldn’t be that if I had such a twisted view of sales persons!

If you’re an entrepreneur or have started a non-profit and you’re struggling to make or raise money, check how you’re viewing your sales strategy.

Before you rush out to buy sales books ask yourself:

  1. Do I believe in what I’m selling?
  2. What is my view of sales and/or sales people?
  3. Who are the people most likely to buy what I’m selling?
  4. How can I connect with those people in ways that truly matter and benefit them?

If you’re going to do anything worthwhile on this planet- you’re going to need money. That money doesn’t come in the mail- you have to get it- the only way to get it is in exchange of something you offer.

I’ve just touched the very tip of this iceberg- I’m still learning- and there’s still TONS more to learn.

But if I, as pathetic as I’d been in sales, could start to get a grip on this thing- I really and truly believe anyone can.

Much Love,


P.S. In case you missed my post Even the Closed door is a blessing you can find it by clicking Here

Even the Closed door is a blessing

Photo taken by Laura Musikanski
Photo taken by Laura Musikanski


‘I’m tired of the “Almost”!’

I whined to my husband.

(This was just a few days ago by the way).

He was talking to me about how he was experiencing tremendous favour since he decided to, as the Scriptures say, establish his heart in God’s favour.

I told him I wanted to see some of that favour manifest in my project.

I didn’t mean to be sarcastic- I truly was frustrated!

The Backstory

I’ve been having some high-level meetings for a project I’ve been working on for the past three years.

I had tremendous breakthrough not so long ago- after three years of trudging and dragging along- people, key people, were beginning to listen to what I’d been trying to say all this time!

I was getting meetings- But I felt things were not happening as speedily as I wanted them to.

“Think of where you were this time last year,” my husband reminded me.

He was right. I was literally light years away from there!

“But,” I whined on, ‘I still feel as though I’m just missing the mark! I’m tired of getting the meetings but not closing the deal!”

“But I see that as a blessing!” My husband answered, without skipping a single beat.

“Even the No’s I consider God’s favour!” He went on.

“I see the closed doors to be as much of a blessing as the doors that open because You don’t know what God’s protecting you from when He closes a door.

The right people will partner with you on this. You just have to keep at it and don’t get discouraged!”

My Husband should actually be writing this post- the crux of what he was saying to me was simply this,

thank God for the doors He closes.

And don’t get discouraged.

Don’t give up!

Keep knocking on those doors.

Keep telling your story.

It’s the only way you’ll find the people who are meant to partner with you on this journey.

Much Love,


Did You know they’re waiting for You?


Almost every day- there’s someone God sends my way to minister to.

It was never something I set out to do-

One day I started writing- that writing took form-

I didn’t have an audience-

I was posting stuff on my blog and Facebook Page- both had zero followers when I started-

every now and then I’d get one “Like” on something I’d written- 

I kept writing because it wasn’t the response I was after- it was that I – Needed – to – do – this.

Somehow my scribbles begun to resonate with the few folks who read them…

Ever now and, a  l o n g  after, then- someone would write to me- telling me how much they appreciated my posts-

I begun to receive emails like:

“You have no idea what reading your articles have meant to me this year- they’re what carried me through…”

And I was like, Really? 

On one hand it was hard to believe because, c’mon these were just the scribbles of a stay-at-home mom sharing her thoughts, here and there…

But then on the other hand I was like, of course this will have an impact- because it’s God. 

I’m not sharing this to brag-

I’m sharing this to ask You-

Who is waiting at the end of your gift?

There will never be a “right time” to release what God’s put on the inside of You.

You will never have all the resources required to fulfill God’s call on your heart- You will always always need to exercise faith- and a huge part of that exercise is taking the first step.

Social Media has given us opportunity to reach out and minister to people like never before!

I’m constantly amazed at how little, folks use Social Media to minister and reach out to people…

These platforms are not just for the wonderful T.D. Jakes and Joyce Meyers of this world – they are also for You and I who are also called according to God’s purpose.

What I continue to see on a regular basis is that people are hurting-

seeking for someone who’ll show them The Answer.

The reason I’m so very, extremely, passionate about telling stories is I’ve experienced how testimonies impact people!

While I was preparing for The Beautiful Series Event- I cannot tell you how many women wept through telling me what they were going through-

One young woman, from KZN, wrote to me about how far she’d strayed from God- she was in a terribly abusive relationship and was seriously contemplating ending her life because, as she wrote to me, nothing made sense anymore!

I’d never spoken to this young woman- never met her- yet she told me that a friend of hers had shared one of my posts and that’s how she’d seen a piece I’d written.

I poured my heart out to this young woman- reminding her who she was in God- telling her that I could still hear that she knew that she had a purpose on this earth… I said so many things- and I believe that our connection was definitely something God needed me to partner with Him on.

I believe that’s all of us.

Your thing might not be writing-

Maybe for you God’s placed on your heart to start a cycling club with kids…

Instead of worrying about where you’ll cycle or where the bikes will come from- just start by accepting your assignment.

God asked you because you love this- you love kids and… it’s time.

He’ll provide everything else- All He needs is a Yes from You!

I am convinced beyond a shadow of doubt that every person reading this knows what God wants you to partner with Him on. And it’s been nagging at you to do it-

You’ve given so many “reasons” why you’re not doing it- but in your heart dear friend- you know all those reasons are excuses.

Because it’s scary to step out into what God wants us to do.

Sometimes it feels uncomfortable and inconvenient.

But you will never know joy in all it’s fullness- the kind God wants you to enjoy if You don’t answer the call.

Nothing you do is “little”- the enemy might discourage you saying things like, “how on earth will that impact someone’s life?” 

But God loves small things! Because in them He shows His might, splendour and glory!

So jump!

Am I saying be reckless? Abandon all caution! Be utterly naive and just do it?

Yes. That’s exactly what I’m saying.

Because the moment you begin to ask questions- you’ve already decided you won’t go all in.

Please don’t quit your jobs! (Unless God expressly tells you so)…

But be honest. Sit with God and let Him tell You what’s on His heart for You.

Stop running away.

You have no idea who’s waiting for You to minister to them.

This is not for the selected few.

It’s for all of us who’ve called on The Beautiful Name of Jesus and call Him our God.

I send You Love,





She’s SUPER keen to hear from yoU!


I’m quick to praise people.

When someone does something that moves me- I can rave about it for years! Literally. Ask my friends and family, they’ll tell you.

However there came a time I realised that I was never that quick to praise myself.

No matter what I did- I could pull apart any achievement- belittle it as nothing and never appreciate the feats I’d accomplished.

I discovered that I was super critical of myself- if I made a mistake I’d blow it to unreasonable magnitudes…

Just recently I’d done something that, had it been anyone else who had done it, I would’ve been super impressed!

I would’ve written a blog post about what they’d done and sent it to you all via email- contacted my media friends about it- I mean, I would’ve been shouting it from the rooftops- because it really was that impressive!

And yet- the person who had done this thing was Me- so what did I do?

Instead of praising myself- I highlighted every mistake-

I scolded myself about everything that could’ve been done better and began to go over and over it in my head-

Eventually I poured out my utter disappointment in Myself to my husband-

As I was speaking with him it hit me! This was a very common habit of mine!

As I was speaking about how terrible I felt- I stopped myself- and said to my husband: “You know what’s so bizarre? Had someone else done what I did, I would’ve been blown away! I would’ve been so very proud of them- Why can’t I do that for me?”

Then we spoke about where this destructive behaviour may have stemmed from- we may have found the source- or not- I don’t think it really matters.

What does matter is that for the first time I realised that this was a self-destructive pattern I fell into every single time I achieved something- usually I’d be so very disappointed with myself for something I’d done that I would just never do it again.

And thus progress was difficult. 

After I realised that this was merely a very bad habit and not the truth of the way things reallywere, I stopped criticising myself for this incredible feat I’d just achieved. What happened next was lovely: I genuinely felt so very proud of myself.

I even wrote Me a thank You letter!

In that letter I praised myself. I highlighted the amazing things I’d done. I told myself, “I’m honoured to be You!” 

It felt good. So very good.

I could feel my Self enjoying the praise and exuding a deep sense of gratitude for being appreciated- finally!

We hear about folks writing letters to their “Younger Self”… here’s the thing-

Your “younger self” no longer exists.

She’s long gone.

Nothing you say or do now will ever impact her.

But there is someone who is super keen to hear from You- and would greatly benefit from you writing to her.

She’s done amazing things throughout your life.

She’s the one person who’s felt every thing you’ve ever felt-

She’s never left you- never turned her back on you-

even when You’ve criticised her and told her repeatedly that’s she’s not good enough- she’s faithfully woken up every morning and walked each step of your days with You.

She’s hoped for You. 

And in those moments when you thought you couldn’t anymore- she got up time and time again- without a word- and she continued breathing for you- and walking- and doing this very hard life with You.

She needs to know that You see her.

Honour her by recognising all she’s done for You.

Praise her, very specifically for the amazing things she’s done.

Write a letter to her telling her how grateful You are for her- and how honoured You are that this incredible, phenomenal, tenacious, mind-blowing human being is You!

I Send You Love,


Hannah Viviers is the Creator and Host of the Dream BIG TV Show