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Marcell wedding pic Beautiful Series Event
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T’s&C’s: Winner will receive one photo shoot. Photo Shoot Location: Johannesburg. Photo shoot to take place before December 1, 2016. For more information call us on 073 312 6242

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When the enemy comes

Often it takes God


We live in a fallen world. And I don’t know why sometimes, bad things happen- to good people.

I wanted to share an email I sent to a friend whose home was broken into by armed robbers:

Oh dearest! I really feel for you!

I hear you about the attack you went through! What I went through was not as severe as what you endured but perhaps some of what happened for me might help you?

I don’t dare understand what you went through- because no one should go through that- ever! But I’d had a few incidents here in SA. 

I was mugged- at one point I’d been grabbed by two guys who wanted my phone- but I bless God I wasn’t hurt.

While I was living with my parents people had broken into our home a number of times.

When I got married our home was broken into a number of times too.

It became too much for me to handle!

I became very fearful.

One evening I was at fellowship. 

Our Pastor (Stuart Agnew) said he felt there were people who were living with fear- he went on to describe precisely what I’d been going through! 

He said he wanted to pray with us. I went up for prayer and just couldn’t stop crying!

When he came to me he told me to look at him- my pastor looked right into my eyes and said:

“Fear go!”

He said it calmly but with such authority!

He repeated it a couple of times: “Fear go!” Then he prayed with me.

That evening I remember driving up to our gate- usually I’d be SO panicked as I waited for the gate to open- but not that night!

God had done something in me.

My dear sister that attack you went through was not only to harm you physically or to take your things- the enemy wanted to steal your peace, to bring uncontrollable anxiety- all in a bid to destroy you!

I remember the paralysing fear I used to have- it was hell.

God doesn’t want that for us. 

People say it takes time to heal- but I believe, that often, it takes God.

Because for me- as time passed the fear and anxiety grew worse not better. Counselling didn’t help. Neither did tranquilisers.

I didn’t know what peaceful sleep was.

Every time I’d hear something I’d be up, checking the windows!

Now I imagine God’s angels surrounding our home.

I imagine two big angels at our front gate- protecting us. 

When visions of fear come- I imagine those two angels, lovingly protecting us. I imagine them confronting whoever wants to step onto our property and telling them to go away. Calmly, but with all the authority of heaven!

In any case, who wants to argue with angels of our Mighty God!

We live in a fallen world sister- yet Jesus told us that we are to be of good cheer because He had overcome the world.

I pray that in this moment you would experience that amazing peace that passes all understanding.

I pray that God would restore the peace the enemy stole and that you would be absolutely rested in God’s love for you and His protection.

We heard of a of a very very wealthy family that has around the clock security guards.

They have electric fences, cameras- the whole deal- Yet their home was broken into too!

Once, we heard that even with all that security they’d been held at gunpoint, for hours!

That made me realise that the reality is there isn’t much we can do when it comes to protecting ourselves- that’s why we have to trust in the armies of the Lord to be our cover.

We have to trust in Psalm 91 that He hides us under the shadow of His wings.

Recently, I’ve been hearing horror stories about terrible things that have been happening close to where we live- the threat of fear returning comes- but I tell myself, A thousand will fall at my left hand, ten thousand at my right but it will not come near me!

It may sound arrogant- but I didn’t come up with that line- I’m only repeating what the Scriptures say.

The Word of God is powerful sister. 

We may ask, but why didn’t God protect us then?

I don’t truly know how to answer that.

However, now that we’ve been made aware of the enemy’s devices we can build walls of protection around us using God’s Word and standing on it.

I am not condemning you for where you are sister- everything you are going through is absolutely normal- it’s natural.

But you have Jesus on the inside of you- that gives you a supernatural ability to overcome the assaults of the enemy.

I am really really sorry for what they did to you. But the effects, I pray in Jesus’ Name, stop right here!

The enemy has NO right to your peace and now as you read this- I say, Fear Go!

May the peace, of a Father God who loves you, wash over you.

May you experience the best sleep ever!

May you experience God’s bountiful abundance and the things that were stolen from you be returned seven fold!

You’re right- your testimony is a powerful one!

What the enemy had planned for evil I know God will use for your good and it will bless others!

The Scriptures promise us that the devil is overcome by the Blood of the Lamb and the word of our testimony!
I send you Love dear friend


Our Hearts

Our hearts

This morning as I was spending time with Jesus, I felt it impressed on my heart to read 2 Kings 2.

At first I was reluctant. I’m currently soaking in the delicious book of Song of Solomon… yet I followed the Lead and read 2 Kings 2.

A few things jumped out at me- but what resonated so deeply was verse 19-22:

*19 The people of the city said to Elisha, “Look, ·master, this city is ·a nice place to live [well/pleasantly situated/located] as you can see. But the water is so bad the land ·cannot grow crops [is unproductive/unfruitful].”20 Elisha said, “Bring me a new bowl and put salt in it.” So they brought it to him.21 Then he went out to the ·spring [water source] and threw the salt in it. He said, “·This is what the LORD says, ‘I have ·healed [purified; made wholesome] this water. From now on it won’t cause death, ·and it won’t keep the land from growing crops [or unfruitfulness/unproductiveness/or miscarriage].’” 22 So the water has been ·healed [purified; made wholesome] to this day just as Elisha had said.*

As we prepare for The Beautiful Series Event on October 1, what I’ve felt so strongly, right from the beginning, was that Daddy God wants to heal women in a way that, for many, has so far been overlooked.

Oh! I teared up this morning as I read Jesus speaking about one of the things Daddy sent Him to this earth for!
In Luke 4:18 Jesus says,

“He hath sent me to heal the brokenhearted”.

I once heard someone say this healing of broken hearts seems to be a forgotten or unrecognised part of what Jesus did for us.

Over the years I’ve come across countless people with broken hearts.

As I read 2 Kings 2 this morning I felt this ministry of broken hearts being emphasised again.

In that portion of Scripture the people in this city pretty much say their place is fantastic! However… the water is bad.

I instantly thought of us- there we are cruising along- on the outside we seem wonderful. Other people look at us and think we have it made- but, our water is bad.

Without water nothing lives.

Bad water is just as good as no water.
Bad water can make us sick. Really, really sick. People die from drinking bad water.
Yet, for many the water is bad.
And it’s bad not out of choice but, perhaps, because of a brokenness we carry.

What’s interesting is that in some translations John 7:38 reads that rivers of living water will flow from our hearts.

Would it not make sense perhaps that a broken heart might not be able to function as it should? That the water from it would not be as wholesome and life giving as it should be?

Let’s go back to 2 Kings 2…
When the people tell Elisha their city’s great but something’s wrong with the water- Elisha goes to the source of the water (the root of where the issue is), and throws salt in it.
Then Elisha says, God says: “‘I have ·healed [purified; made wholesome] this water. From now on it won’t cause death, ·and it won’t keep the land from growing crops [or unfruitfulness/unproductiveness/or miscarriage].

Oh! How beautiful is that!

The Scripture goes on to say “So the water has been ·healed to this day”.

For me that salt is a picture of Jesus. It is Him who does the healing. It was a huge part of His ministry while He was on this earth. It continues to be a HUGE part of His ministry today.

For many of us, at one point or other, we come to the end of ourselves.
We realise that like that city in 2 Kings 2 we seem fantastic- but there are parts of us that are still hurting.

Just like the city was beautiful but unproductive, I believe the same happens to us- we seem great but we’re unproductive and seem to wobble along instead of living fully in the purpose God made us for.

For every hurt Jesus wants to heal.

He’s already paid for that healing in full and He wants us to experience it.
I pray this blesses someone this morning.
You’re on my heart.



The Beautiful Series Event

Welcome to The Beautiful Movement!

We at Dream BIG have put together something truly beautiful for women come October 1, 2016.

It’s all about empowering YOU, the remarkable woman, to own your Beauty and by so doing enjoy the fullness of your Power and Purpose.

This movement began from our desire to see women break free of the lies of the enemy! And, walk in the greatness God uniquely designed each of us with.

Speaker line-up for the event:

CEO of the SABC Foundation and award winning motivational speaker, Iris Cupido.

“I could spend life feeling sorry for myself for the abuse I’ve suffered, but I’m too busy tapping into the greatness within me, and that same greatness is also within you”.

– Iris Cupido

Iris Cupido 380

Writer and Entrepreneur, Tertia Butler

“All my life people’s labels crippled me. I want to share  my own story of triumph over tragedy, and how I transformed myself from victim to victor.”

– Tertia Butler

Tertia Butler edited bigger 2
Tertia Butler


Ashika Ramparsad, Clarins SA:

“I’ve been through abuse no one should ever go through. But I survived. And I’m here. Now I’m at the best place I’ve ever been because, finally, I’ve found who I am.”

– Ashika Ramparsad

Ashika Ramparsad
Ashika Ramparsad

Creator and Host of the Dream BIG TV ShowHannah Viviers

“It’s not just about lipstick and nail polish. It’s WAY more! It’s about unlocking our power and unleashing the greatness within.”

– Hannah Viviers

Hannah Bright Red Laugh edited for blog Beautiful Series
Hannah Viviers


Rico Viviers, Graphic Designer and Creator of the 50 Painting Project (Oh! And Hannah’s heartthrob…)throbbing heart icon made smaller

“Women are the most beautiful of God’s creations, but there’s an ongoing assault on that beauty. It’s resulting in women unknowingly losing their power.”

– Rico Viviers

Rico my beautiful made bigger
Rico Viviers


What The Beautiful Series Event is all about

Every woman is Beautiful.

Some however, have gone through various things that have resulted in them forgetting how spectacularly beautiful they are.

A hard life. Poverty. Loss. Abuse. Failure. Rejection. Neglect. Divorce. Rape.

There are so many things- yet they all come for one purpose and one purpose only. To cripple us so that no matter how we try- we’re stuck. Unable to live our lives to the full. Unable to break through.

The assaults come to kill the beauty in each one of us. To cause us to think less of ourselves than the amazing we were created to be. To rob us of our worth and instead replace it with something so far from beautiful we no longer know who we are.

And yet, despite all that, the message to us is:

“Thou art all fair my love, there is no spot in thee”.

– Song of Solomon 4:7

If you’re ready to shake off the lies- and walk in the beauty that you truly are then we’re inviting you to join us.

Invite your girl friends, sisters, moms, even colleagues.

When: October 1 ,  2016, 11am-2pm

Where: 3 Cedar Road, Bryanston (Sandton)

Tickets: R150 per person

Deposit to:
The Beautiful Series Event Banking Details

For more info pop us an email at or  Call us on: 073 312 6242


I enjoy a great action movie- complete with the thrill of high speed chases (especially motorbikes), black leather jackets- heart-throbbing stunts- oh that’s my kinda movie!

So this morning as I sat in my special time with Jesus I was intrigued when the word ‘ransomed’ came into my mind.

“Ransomed?” I thought. Mhm.

My mind was immediately taken to a high speed chase- yes! complete with my Hero in a black leather jacket on a cruising lightning-fast motorbike… going after the bad guy so He could ransom… me.

Amazing how Jesus speaks so very intimately to precisely where we are, in exactly the pictures and words that resonate with us personally.

Reference to an action packed movie might not work for everyone- but He knew it was my kinda thing so He spoke to me using that picture. Of how He ransomed me.

Sin had us captive. Each one of us. And there was no escaping it. We had no chance against this BIG baddie. Jesus came after us.

And here’s the beautiful part: In all the action movies I’ve enjoyed, the hero might take a punch or two- sometimes he takes a pretty hard beating- but he always, always walks away with what he was after (sometimes a girl he had to rescue)- and his life. Intact.

But… It wasn’t that way with Jesus. His mission was twofold. 1. Get the girl. 2. Pay the ransom- with Your life.

There was no “walking” away for Jesus. Not until He’d paid with every ounce of life in Him.

So here’s the picture: He did the high speed chase. Caught up with the baddie. Said to the baddie, “Let her go. I’ll pay all.” He turned to the girl and said, “You go. I’ll handle this.” He stayed. And faced all that had been actually intended for the girl.

I love how the Aramaic Bible puts it: “Who gave Himself a ransom in the place of every person…”

Our lives as believers begins here.

There’s that beautiful Bethel song that says:

“May we never lose our wonder…”

I believe the moment we lose our wonder of the depth of what Jesus ransoming us means- we lose a deep connection with Him; We become like gold diggers always wanting, asking, never satisfied- When we get how He ransomed us we realise we were His Prize and He is ours. And that is absolutely enough. He is enough.

Oh! When He’s enough all the things that seemed all important aren’t.

The more we connect with Him the more “everything else is added unto us…”


When I received teaching on breaking bread and what it meant- at first I took it for the sole purpose of claiming the diving healing Jesus gave us at the cross.

Now I take it at the start of every day to remind me of Him ransoming me.

The beautiful King James says: “And He took bread, and gave thanks, and brake it, and gave unto them, saying, This is my body which is given for you: this do in remembrance of me.”

Oh! Every single day I breathe I want to remember Jesus. I want to remember my Hero stopping at nothing to ransom me!

In the history of mankind there has never been a more beautiful Love Story than that of Jesus coming after us.


What a wretchedly beautiful picture.

May we never lose our wonder.

Hannah Viviers is the Creator of the Dream BIG TV Show

The Power of Beauty

A few years ago I had come to a crossroads.

I’d been doing work I loved, I was a happy mom, my marriage was the best it’d ever been- yet I felt something was missing.

I begun to pray.

I asked God, “Daddy what do you want me to do with my life?”

I knew the answer to this question would fill the yearning for a something I didn’t quite know how to navigate.

When the answer came it sounded too simple to carry any real weight:

Remind women of how beautiful they are.

I wracked my brain for what that meant: Remind women of how beautiful they are? 

Oh. Ok.

I carried on with my work. Which included a make-over episode for our Dream BIG TV Show. (You can watch that video here)

The make-over was for my friend Antonette Hardy.

At first I didn’t think too much of the make-over. It was part of my TV Show. Just another episode. Or so I thought.

When we begun it was all about the look. Hair. Clothes. Make-up.

It ended up being WAY more than that.

I remember one day during the make-over being so very emotional and utterly overwhelmed.

I told my husband: “I don’t know what I’m doing! I don’t think I’m equipped for this!”

My husband looked at me with such compassion and gently said: “You do the make-over on the outside and God will do the make-over on the inside.”

And God did!

Antonette’s transformation was remarkable! Not just the “look” but what God had done for her on the inside!

Deep healing she hadn’t even known she’d needed begun to take place. And true, as my beautiful husband had said, as I faithfully stuck to my side of things: hair, clothes, make-up, God did the greater work- on the inside.

Then it got personal

Fast forward to the birth of my third baby.

Two months after the birth of my third child I was a shadow of my former self.

For the first time in all my life I felt terribly ugly- and not just that, I actually grossed myself out!

I was drowning!

Utterly depleted I called my mom one day and gasped, “I’ve never been so exhausted in all my life!”

My mom listened to my rant. Then answered: “Usually, long before we actually experience something in the physical- it’s been going on for a long time in the spirit. So the fatigue you feel is something that begun a long time ago you just didn’t realise it.”

I wanted to cry when she said that.

I remembered my previous year: The devastation I’d been through. Also, we’d faced many failures and challenges in the business. Added to that we’d had losses. It’d all been too much!

And I’d given up.

I’d become tired of being knocked down each time I tried to get up!

Just as I’d be recovering from one blow- I’d be punched hard again! Over and over. Eventually, to stop the barrage of attacks, I stayed down. To survive.

My mom continued to speak on the other side of the phone: “I know it’s hard with three small children who need you. But they need you to look after Yourself first so you can better look after them.”

I knew what my mom was saying was true- but I didn’t know how to look after myself anymore.

When it came to looking after my kids I was on autopilot. I fed them. Ensured they were clean. Took the two tots to school. Routine. Only what was needed. It was all I could manage.

But my children’s mom was gone

I no longer laughed. I couldn’t.

I yelled. A lot.

I listened to my mom- Even if I didn’t know how to look after myself for me- I had to dig deep and find a way to do it for my kids.

My mom continued: “You need to spend time with God. I know it’s hard and I know you don’t have time- but make the time.”

Then my mom said something rather odd and seemingly out of place: “Look nice,” She said. “Get your hair done-”

I couldn’t believe what she was saying! Look nice? Get my hair done! With what time!

I barely got the chance to pee! How on earth would I find time to “get my hair done”!

But I let my mom talk. Because I knew she was speaking in Love. And all she was saying resonated deep in my soul I knew it to be truth.

The following day I put some lipstick on.

You look ridiculous! I heard my inner critic laugh.

But I smiled back at my reflection. Baby steps, I whispered to myself.

As days went on I put on some eyeliner.

One day I remember scrubbing my feet and being shocked at how I’d let them get so nasty! They were crusted in dirt! It was revolting!

I gave myself a deep cleanse. A proper pedicure and painted my toes a banging bright pink!

I had beautiful feet and I was going to honour them!

I begun to dig around for clothes I no longer wore; because all I’d wanted to do before was drown myself in fabric to hide what I’d felt was a grossly overweight preggy-fat body.

Baby steps, I kept telling myself.

Not long after that first day I wore lipstick again I received an invite to speak at a ladies’ event on Beauty. I was asked to share on Outer Beauty!

I laughed.

Giggling I thought:

Oh Daddy God, You do have a sense of Humour!

I (of course!) accepted the invite!

As I prepared for the talk the words I’d felt Daddy whisper to me years before begun to echo in my heart:

Remind women of how beautiful they are

I remembered Antonette’s very brave journey.

I remembered my own.

From that first day I’d worn lipstick again- a symbolic act of reclaiming my beauty, hope had begun to rise in me.

The Scriptures say:

“Faith is the Substance of things Hoped for”

If we don’t hope for anything our belief dwindles.

Oh! Not believing is so dangerous! We have to believe in what is to come. We have to have something to look forward to otherwise we begin to die.

I traced my journey back.

My hope had begun to return when I remembered my beauty. 

It wasn’t just lipstick. It wasn’t just nail polish. To look after my body was to show honour and value a part of me that I could feel, see and touch. When I honoured that part of me I was able to honour the parts of me that were essential to a vibrant, fulfilled, existence: my soul and spirit.

I begun to dream again.

I had hope for the future. Again.

I found myself devouring God’s Word! Oh how I’d missed that!

I begun to understand what Daddy had tried to tell me all those years ago.

My heart soared!

I knew there were many women like me and Antonette. And we didn’t have to just survive. No!

God’s portion for us was abundance!

But we could never enjoy that true abundance if we still battled with things that made us feel ugly. Especially on the inside.

I knew there wasn’t a better time than right now to spread the message.

This is where The Beautiful Series begun. This is why we started it. This is why it’s so very important.

Our first event is on October 1, 2016.

We’ve posted more info on our site which you can find by clicking here

If any of this resonates with you or you can think of a friend, sister, mom or even colleague who may need this please send us an email at

I look forward to hearing from You!

I send you Love,


Hannah Viviers is the Creator of the Dream BIG TV Show

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