The Beautiful Series

Every woman is beautiful.
Some however, have gone through various things that have resulted in them forgetting how spectacularly beautiful they are.
A hard life. Poverty. Loss. Abuse. Failure. Rejection. Neglect. Divorce. Rape.
They are so many things- yet they all come for one purpose and one purpose only. To cripple us so that no matter how we try- we’re stuck. Unable to live our lives to the full. Unable to break through.
The assaults come to kill the beauty in each one of us. To cause us to think less of ourselves than the amazing we were created to be. To rob us of our worth and instead replace it with something so far from beautiful we no longer know who we are.
And yet, despite all that, the message I keep hearing in my heart, for all of us, is:
Thou art all fair my love, there is no spot in thee (Song of Solomon 4:7).
We’re putting together something truly beautiful for women.
We want to share it with you come October 1.
If you like me, and so many other women, are ready to shake off the lies- and walk in the beauty that you truly are then I’m inviting you to join us.
I send You Love.
Thou art all fair my love The beautiful series website
Tickets: R150
For more info email: or call us on 073 312 6242


vineyard woman in polka dot dress
Do you ever wish someone was taking care of you?
In Song of Solomon (1:6) the story’s Leading Lady talks about taking care of everyone else’s vineyards but her own.
Do you ever feel like that sometimes? Like you’re so busy taking care of everyone but yourself?
You look around yearning for someone to take care of you for a change- Oh! I SO know the feeling!
Those days when you’re worn out and wish someone would rub your feet- or make you some tea- or wash the dishes- or make dinner- or pay the bills!!!!!
Oh how Song of Solomon 1:6 spoke to me! I could hear her fatigue- her desperate cry.
Don’t you ever want to shout: I wish just once someone would look after me!
What I’ve found is that we do have someone looking after us, Jesus.
I know- it sounds so pie in the sky because we want “real” help.
We want real hands and shoulders that we can touch and feel- But as I’ve leaned on Jesus and allowed myself to see Him as real as anyone else in my life- I see Him move.
I see Him partner with me in a “real” way at times I need it most.
Moments I feel alone and overwhelmed have come when I’ve slipped back into the habit of looking to the people around me for help, appreciation or validation.
Many of our blessings will come through people. However our Jesus is a very real Person too. And in those moments we feel as though no one is looking out for us- when we feel we’re taking care of everyone else but no one’s taking care of us- may we lean on Him.
May we learn to not be so dependent on ourselves. May we be freed from that I have to do this myself orphan syndrome so many of us suffer from.
He IS there. In every one of our moments. And He looks after us even when no one else does.
Hannah Viviers is the Founder of Dream BIG

The Beautiful Wine Maker

Grapes on vine
I used to think God would waste my time.
I’d hear people say: “Ask God” or “Pray about it”
and honestly I thought that was a massive waste of time. By the time He got my prayer… then He’d make me jump through all sorts of hoops- and then maybe (just maybe) He might answer my prayer- in the meantime I would’ve lost precious time compared to if I just went full steam ahead and did what I planned to do!
I laugh now- because I realise how silly my thinking was!
The more I allow Him into my everything the speedier my answers and breakthroughs are. The more success I enjoy. The more peace and rest I have. The more strength- even more time!
His rest is beautiful. In it we can do so much more than we ever could in our strength and timing.
The Beautiful Wine Maker who compressed time and produced the most delicious wine (that in reality should have taken decades) did it in just one instant. Give Him your bland water and see what He does. Don’t underestimate this Guy.