The Secret to Breakthrough

For the Believer, The secret to Breakthrough is quite simple- God is our Breakthrough.

God is not a one-hit wonder. We sometimes forget that.

There are seasons when we experience tremendous Breakthrough- We witness God’s Supernatural on our lives first hand but as time passes we’re bombarded with explanations and reasons for the breakthrough we received.

Soon we forget that what happened to and for us was Nothing short of a miracle.

Moses warned the Children of Israel to not forget their God when they got to the Promised Land. Sometimes we, like they did, get to the Promised Land and forget Who got us there.

The problem is not that God’s desperate for our praise- even The Rocks will praise Him if we don’t. Through The Scriptures we realise that what is superbly clear is God’s not starved for Praise.

He has No hang ups about how Awesome He is and contrary to popular belief, He’s does  not exist for our adoration. He doesn’t “need” our praises or our worship of Him. God is Joyful and utterly Complete in Who He is.

He doesn’t need a song or a shout from us to solidify His Position as the Almighty and Absolutely Sovereign God- No dear friend, God’s concern about us forgetting Him is not for Himself- it’s for us.

He’s concerned that if we forget that it was Him Who parted our Seas and fed us in the empty desert, our hearts will be hardened.

God’s concerned that if we forget that it was through Him that we received Breakthrough and Supernatural Provision, then what will happen next time we’re faced with giants and deserts again? And there will be a next time.

Nay my brother,  my sister, for the Believer the Secret to Breakthrough has been revealed to us through the Person of Jesus.

Let’s not forget Who our promotion comes from. Let’s not forget Who our Help comes from. Let’s Not forget Where our Breakthrough actually originates.

I send You His Powerful Love.

– Hannah

When God’s Children Live BIG

Imagine a world where, we, the Children of God live out the supernatural in us and operate in that mode in absolutely everything we do.

What would our families look like if we parented that way?

What would or jobs look like if we worked that way?

What would our businesses look like if we operated them that way? As Children of God who are filled with the Might and Power of the Holy Spirit- the same Spirit that raised Christ from the dead!

Imagine if that showed up in everything we did?

That’s a mind blowing concept for me!

Mind blowing because I want to live and work like that. And even more mind-blowing because just imagine what our lives and impact would be if we all did that?

I believe that’s the heart of the Father. That His children reveal who they are in Him.

That we release His supernatural wherever we go. That we’d be dripping with His Healing, and Love, Compassion and Ingenuity, Wisdom and Excellence, Abundance and Joy. The list is endless!

Romans 8:19

For the creation waits in eager expectation for the children of God to be revealed.

Creation is waiting for us, you and me, to show who we are in this amazing God we confess. Creation wouldn’t be waiting if it was impossible for us to do.

 PS It’s Uber radical but I had to share it! Here Goes!

The Prayer Your Country Needs

I woke up this morning with this verse on my mind:

“… if My people, who are called by My Name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land.” (2 Chronicles 7:14)

South Africa has been through devastating turmoil in the last few months.

We’ve seen hatred for foreigners flare and with that senseless beatings and murders of people who are not South African.

This morning I felt the Father remind me that this is not the only turmoil South Africa’s been going through. There are many other issues hurting us as a country- and we’re not alone.

Many other countries, in fact most countries in the world, have issues hurting their economy  and in one way or another oppressing their people.

What’s the answer?

Many would say proper governance. But that’s not what the Scriptures tell us.

God didn’t say “if Governments are honourable and run things as they should then things will work out…”

God didn’t say “If the right political parties run the show then nations will be healed…”

No, God shows us through His Scriptures that the real power actually resides with us, His children, who believe in Him.

We are His people

We are the ones who are called by His Name. God asks us to humble ourselves- He doesn’t ask it of unbelievers or of our political leaders- He asks it of His Children.

It is us He asks to pray, and seek His face and turn from our wicked ways- and when we do that then He promises that we will see the change we want.

This is confirmed in Romans 8:19 which tells us that “For the creation waits in eager expectation for the children of God to be revealed.”

The World is waiting for You!

The World and everything in it isn’t waiting for people to “get educated” or for humans to treat each other better or even for our governments to do what is right- Creation is waiting for You and Me, the Sons of God to show who we are in Jesus.

Showing who we are is not some future event that will happen one day someday- John recorded this promise of Jesus to us:

“…. whoever believes in Me will do the works I have been doing, and they will do even greater things than these, because I Am going to the Father.”

But Jesus didn’t stop there, He went on to say:

“Whatever you ask in My name, that will I do, so that the Father may be glorified in the Son…”

What are You asking of God?

Man! What more do we need! First He promises that we can and will do mind blowing things and then He promises us that whatever we ask He will do!

I don’t know about you but that blows my mind!!!!!

In Psalms 2:8 God extends this invitation to us:

Ask of Me, and I will surely give the nations as Your inheritance, And the very ends of the earth as Your possession.”

Imagine each one of us influencing our countries for Jesus. He promised to give us that nations!!!!! He said I will surely give… surely! What an awesome promise!

Are You asking God for Your country today?

Ask Him for the nation He’s laid on Your heart. His answer is already Yes and Amen!

What does our Supernatural Identity Mean?

The daughters and sons of God revealing ourselves means operating in the true identity of who we are.

What separates our identity to everyone else is that it’s supernatural. Like someone once said we have God’s Super on our Natural.

It means in the workplace God gives us divine favour.

It means that wherever we are we can lay hands on the sick and they will recover.

It means that when we hear of innocent people being beaten and killed for no reason other than that they’re foreign, instead of being angry and crying “Oh what is this world coming to!”– we lift our voices to heaven and we command the demons wreaking havoc on OUR TERRITORY to flee!

It means teaching our children to worship and dwell in the presence of Almighty God.

It means having integrity and honour in the way we do business and in the way we work because we carry the name of Jesus in whatever we do.

It means having FULL access to God’s infinite wisdom in all we do- divine revelation and strategies that will elevate us and others in supernatural ways…

It means not only praying for our country when crises strike but laying our countries before God as part of our daily prayer.

To humble ourselves means to admit that we need Jesus to live and operate as we should. It means to trust in the Lord in all our ways and not lean on our understanding.

Unleashing Your Power and Potential

To seek God’s face means to put His heart and purpose for us at the very forefront of all we do.

Do you know why Jesus was so successful and full of powerful in His ministry? Because He never, ever, not once did anything outside of His Father’s will. Jesus didn’t move until Daddy God said Go. He obeyed step by step right until the Cross.

His Way Will get You There

We sometimes underestimate the Scripture where Jesus says Not my Will. 

What is Your will today? What is it You really and truly want? Are You willing to lay it aside and say to Daddy God, Not My Will?

After Jesus had obeyed and gone through the entire process His Father willed Him to- He was glorified and His name was exalted above every other Name!

When we submit to His Will, God will exalt us in due time.

Remember His promise in Matthew 6:33

“… seek first His Kingdom and His Righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.” (NIV)

I pray God will give You revelation about His Kingdom and His righteousness. Everything changes when He becomes our focus.

What does it mean to turn away from our wicked ways?

I asked Daddy about this before I started writing. And He told me that once I started writing He’d tell me.

Now as I come to this part it begins to dawn on me that there are three things that jump to my mind that angered Jesus.

First was the self-righteousness of the religious rulers of his time (the Pharisees and the Sadducees).

The other was when he threw all the vendors out of The Temple and the third was when his disciples tried to prevent children being brought to Jesus that He may lay hands on them and pray-

BUT I went and looked up various incidents of these three times and it’s only in one place where I could find The Scriptures describing Jesus as angry and that was in Mark 3:5 where He was grieved for the hardness of the religious people’s hearts.

The other two times (the children incident and the Temple incident) we’re not told Jesus was angry.

Joesph Prince often says we need to pay attention to what the Holy Spirit records. And so while I may think He was angry with his disciples for trying to turn the kids away from Him or angry when He threw vendors out of the temple, the Holy Spirit didn’t mention that He was angry at those times. But He did mention Jesus being angry at the attitude of the religious people of His time.

What grieves Jesus about His Children today?

Today Jesus is not angry with us for the hardness of our hearts but it grieves Him.

Our hearts are hardened by unbelief.

We saturate our ears and minds with negative news- we join negative and condemning conversations.

All the negativity we fill ourselves with prevents us from moving in the supernatural fullness God wants us to.

So where we should pray we instead gripe and complain.

Where we should command we whimper in fear and defeat.

NO! We are sons and daughters of God!

We need to rise up and FILL  ourselves with substance that will grow our faith muscle!

What Now?

We need to turn away from the hardness of our hearts to the revelation of who we are in Jesus and what we’ve been called to accomplish in Him.

When we do that we begin downloading some incredible intel from Heaven. We begin moving in sync with God’s heart and His Kingdom.

Wherever we go we’re dripping with the Power of the Holy Spirit, transforming lives we meet.

Wherever our feet land we reclaim for the glory of Jesus.

My goodness! Imagine what the world looks like when You and I, His Children, begin to operate fully in the power that’s been given to us?

One thing is for sure, the healing of our land in inevitable.

My Prayer for You

Today I pray courage over You. I pray for revelation of God’s love for You.

I pray that you would recognise your supernatural identity in Jesus. And I pray that You would grown from strength to strength in revealing who You are in Him.

God loves You and His Promises are forever True.

I send You Love,


Hitched: What every Single Woman needs to Know about Marriage

I grew up believing marriage really (REALLY) sucked!
It was very confusing because on one hand, even as a kid, I wanted to get married someday, but on the other hand I was SO put off by how miserable the women I grew around were.

Jaded by Twenty

By the time I hit my twenties I’d given up on marriage- I decided that if I found someone I fancied I’d move in with them- we’d kinda just hang out and see how it went and if it didn’t work one of us would move out- nothing broken, not much damage done and we’d go our separate ways and move on to the next person we’d fancy.
I was quite happy with how that sounded.
But the ONLY place I think it happens that simply, and especially, “without damage” is in the movies.

A part of my story I’m not proud of

I don’t talk about my fears around getting married because it’s not something I’m proud of- nor would like to expose of myself- but even as far as walking down the aisle and for a couple of years into my marriage I still had the idea that what I’d gotten myself into was a temporary affair and my Guy and I really had no obligation to each other if we didn’t work out.

Now, Nine years married to the same guy and crazy in love with him- I’m often shocked at how I can still lie next to him and just watch him- totally smitten… In my old age 😉 😀 (LOL) I’ve begun to understand the depth that marriage is. It’s so deep that I can see why it’s been under such attack and so HUGELY twisted in the minds and hearts of many.

Restoration is Yours if You want it

My Guy and I both know what it means to have our hearts broken- we’ve experienced the ugly side of two people who are supposed to love each other tear into each other like ravenous wolves- we both came from places of tremendous fear and pain going into our life together- but what I wish we both knew at the start of our marriage is that God does truly heal. And He is able to restore in us what we’ve lost.

None of us are victims unless we choose to be.

The Talk I’ll never Forget

I will never ever forget a talk I had with one of my uncles when I was in my teens. He’d heard that I’d decided that marriage was not for me- He sat me down and said, “Hannah, God’s grace is sufficient for you.” I remember, in the arrogance of a teenager, thinking What on earth does this man know about what he’s saying?! 

Where had God’s grace been in the lives of the broken I’d witnessed all my life- lives shattered because marriage had not been honoured? Children deeply wounded because the man who was supposed to love only their mom had found pleasure in other women- Where had God’s “grace” been then?

Where was God’s grace when women I knew had been beaten at the hands of the men they loved? Where was His grace when these women prayed that they’d know love and over and over it was denied them? But I let my Uncle speak. It was the respectful thing to do. But looking back now, I know that my spirit heard the truth of what he’d said: God’s grace was sufficient for ME. I had to believe that for myself. I had to stop believing that the hurt of others would be my fate too if I got married- I had to believe that God’s grace would surely be sufficient for Me.

The Marriage Miracle

I can’t say I fully understood what my uncle meant-
But what I can say is that even though my life with my Guy hasn’t been easy I have truly seen God’s grace in it.
I believe that Marriage is as much a miracle as the birth of a newborn baby. And because it’s just as divine and innately spiritual the only shot we have at experiencing what God intended with marriage is to have Him, the Creator of it, at the center.

What Every Single Woman Needs to Know

Single women have the best chance of getting this right from the beginning by not getting hitched because the clock’s ticking- but by marrying the right guy from the beginning. And yes there really is such a thing as the right guy. I doubt there’s perfect but there is right. That whole nonsense about “making each other right” is just that, nonsense. If you marry just anybody you will get just anything- and you don’t want anything You want an honourable man who will be a good husband and honourable dad to your kids. Anything less than that please send away.

God heals the unseen wounds 

I know men have been hurt too by women, I don’t deny that, but I can only authentically share my own experience as a woman and as a witness to the lives of the women I grew up around.

In whatever way wounds around marriage were inflicted on us, I believe there’s healing. Just as Jesus heals people of physical problems He fully heals the wounds we bear that cannot be seen.

It’s TOTALLY worth the wait

For every young woman out there still waiting for her Guy, a godly Guy who will love and cherish her the way Daddy God desires for His girls- I pray that you would believe in the miracle of they guy you seek coming to find You.
I pray that Daddy would heal the deepest parts of you that have been hurt and scarred so you may love your guy with such abandon that he would melt every time he looks at you.
It doesn’t matter what your past experience has been; God wants to give you a new experience.
Jesus turned water (WATER!) into wine. (I mean even if it’d been oros he’d turned into wine that’d still’ve been pretty AWESOME!  🙂

Your EXCEEDING and ABUNDANT Miracle is coming!

Jesus raised people from the dead. He walked on water. He spoke to raging storms and they obeyed Him. The new testament tells us that Lovers of Jesus would walk past people and their SHADOWS would heal the sick!!!! How crazy is that!
Sister Girl we serve a mighty MIGHTY God- He cannot do ALL those incredible things and then fail to satisfy you with a good man.
Your part is to believe. Don’t panic. Don’t worry. Don’t listen to the crowds that tell you to settle because “time’s a tickin’ “- Keep your eyes on Jesus and trust that He is faithful to EXCEEDINGLY and ABUNDANTLY fulfill the desires of your heart regarding Your Life Partner.

Even the Great Prophet Elijah got it Wrong

I’ll end with the story of Elijah in 1 Kings 19:10
So here Elijah is running away from armies sent to slaughter him.
He cries out to God saying all the Children of Israel have forsaken God and He’s the only one left. But God tells Elijah that he’s not the “only one left” there are actually Seven THOUSAND in Israel who haven’t forsaken their God.
YOU woman of God might’ve heard many many times that there are “no good men out there”. That’s NOT true. God knows where the good men are- THEY ARE THERE. And one of them is coming your way to sweep You off your feet.
My dearest sister, God’s Grace IS Sufficient For YOU!

I send You Love,