Press Delete Now!

Is everything you’re holding onto right now worth keeping?

As I’m honing in on my skills and creating the business and life I want for myself I’m having to get rid of some stuff to make space for what’s needed for the journey I’m on- there’s no room for extra baggage right now.

The other day I had to delete a Facebook Page I had a strong emotional connection to because it was taking up time and energy that I felt could be utilised more effectively elsewhere.

It took me months to press the “Delete” button on that Page but I had to. Because I knew I was transferring the love and energy I put there into a place I believed would have more impact and, above all, be more fulfilling.

We each have a certain amount of energy- some more than others- but no one has limitless energy- no one has indefinite hours to the day- It’s impossible to create anything meaningful if we’re spread all over the place- doing far too many things.


I’m realising that most times we get what we put up with.

For instance I speak with many women who stick around guys who are clearly not as serious about them- but they pour everything they’ve got into men who do not honour or value them.

Most are hurting and don’t get why their affection and loyalty aren’t reciprocated- my sense is that if we hold onto people who aren’t treating us in the way we want to be aren’t we essentially giving the message that we’ll settle for what they dish out to us?

I did this for many years- it was painful, destructive and totally not worth it.

What we accept is what we portray to others we want or, at the very least, tolerate.

I may sound brutal saying this but it’s true.

These things do not come by chance.

A woman cannot accept  a man who does not treat her with love and honour yet expect she’ll eventually  have a loving and honouring relationship- the seed we sow is the fruit we eat.

Whether You’re a man or a woman reading this, I pray that God’s Fatherly Love would melt all over You and In You. Feel that Love. You deserve a life partner who will show You Love and Honour. I’m saying this ONLY to unmarried people. If You believe in the God the Scriptures speak of I pray Your Faith in this area would be increased by the Power of God’s Word. If God is faithful enough to feed the birds of the air- SURELY He can bless You with the Right Life Partner. Please! Do Not settle for someone who does not honour You!

Likewise we cannot invest all our energies in a job or career we hate and hope for fulfillment and joy- how can that possibly happen?

Sidebar: If You hate your job start on a plan to quit. Start mapping out that plan TODAY- not tomorrow- not the next day- Decide to reach for better and more fulfilling. It’s possible. I once worked a job that almost killed who I was- no job is worth that. You are incredible. You are valuable. Find a job or create one that will honour that about You.

The more time we spend in a place we shouldn’t be in the further away we’re moving from where we should be.

Image taken from:
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The beginning of this year was tough for me- I had to give up things I’d invested much in. Although I’d laboured over them I couldn’t keep them and  pursue what I believed to be my life’s purpose. So I pressed “Delete”.

8 months later I can see the HUGE benefit of getting rid of those things. My business wouldn’t be anywhere CLOSE to where it is now had I held on to those other projects.

I’m finding that often we don’t have to do more to achieve higher success- we need to do less- much less.

Eliminate the fluff and focus on Your Core Purpose. Watch how You’ll Fly!

Sometimes the decisions are tough, seemingly brutal in some cases, but necessary.

Often the things we need to get rid of aren’t necessarily bad but they’re not beneficial for where we’re going.

The “Delete” button is a useful tool when used wisely and correctly.

The great part is often we know within ourselves what we need to delete, let go of and distance ourselves from.

Once we know- will we have the courage to press the button and move forward into the Destiny God has for us?


Hannah Viviers is the Creator and Host of the Dream BIG TV Show

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A Shout OUT to MOMS!

A shout out to ALL moms who put careers on hold to invest in their babies.
A shout out to ALL moms who postponed growth in their jobs so they could spend more time with their children-

mom and daughter walking down road black and white pic

A Shout out to moms doing it ALL alone and yet with the INSANE demands on them still manage to be so present in the lives of their children-
Moms have to be my most Favouritest people in ALL the world!


– Hannah Viviers is the Creator and Host of the Dream BIG TV Show


P.S. A BIG Shout out to Single Moms- Strength Sister- I’m sending You Much Love- You are Appreciated.

God doesn’t need and Army

I couldn’t help Myself!
I just had to share an email I sent out to Ladies attending our Dream BIG Charity Event:

– Lady, Powerful Woman, YOU have been called for a time such as this!

I just had a phone conversation with Nadine Vermeulen another POW woman involved in this event, and she shared this with me:
“God doesn’t need an Army, He just needs a willing Vessel.”

I believe with all my heart that for each one of us that’s going to be at this event, there’s definitely a reason and a purpose for us being drawn to this.

Nadine was saying we might only end up with 10 women at the event- but still God will set that place on Fire!
Because it doesn’t take an army…

Ladies some of you may have felt this and I’d like to confirm that feeling if you’ve had it- I too feel a tremendous Awakening happening in South Africa.

Despite ALL the negative press out there AMAZING people are rising up ALL over this country- People with a heart for others- People who are changing the landscape of this country and because of their hearts I can tell you the Destiny of South Africa is very VERY bright.

Women just like you and me are starting stuff- I think of my wonderful friendsElungile Mzimba (Masiqaqambe Founder) and Jennifer Swanepoel(Gemstones Founder) who head the organisations we’re supporting through this September 27 event-
They are moms like most of us- with regular lives and their own personal struggles- but they decided to look beyond themselves and ask: Who can I empower!
And through this event we’re raising our hands with them to be a part of their awesome dreams that are playing a BIG role in the incredible rising our amazing country is going through.

BIG because like Machtild Brenholc says: “Can you imagine what happens when one person changes the way they think and they live different? Think of all the people they impact?”

The question to each one of us dear friends is not: “How amazingly talented and capable are You?” The question my sister my friend is: “How Willing are You?”

One of my friends recently adopted her first child.
He’s in his twenties and some may instantly judge and say:”That’s a GROWN MAN! What are you doing?”
But see how this young man’s life has changed- for the first time in all his 20something odd years someone is showing him unconditional love.
Someone is saying to him: “You will not live willy-nilly however you want because I LOVE You and You will NOT Waste your life on my watch!”

My friend is revolutionising this young man’s life.
After 20odd years of wandering he now has a Mom and through her love he is healing.
One life changed- who else will my Friend’s Son impact?

I’m realising more and more that we never outgrow the need to be loved and cared for.

Our Dream BIG TV Show has opened my eyes to the incredible people in SA who live their lives with such an awareness of how they can bring about change. Ordinary people doing seemingly small yet powerfully incredible things.

Among them Helena Otto who’ll be speaking at the event- Dream BIG interviewed her last week.
I said to her, “Helena people ask me where do I find all these people with incredible stories!”
She answered: “But that’s just it Hannah- we are EVERYWHERE!”

And Yes we are! You and Me.

Nadine was just telling me that we really are history makers.

You may feel I’m putting a heavy burden on You saying all these things- but let me tell You there is NOTHING ordinary about You.
I cannot believe in an Extraordinary Mind-Blowing God making beings that are just Blah! If He made You You are rocking! And You are carrying some INCREDIBLE stuff.

So here’s to You Gorgeous Woman!

I’m sending You Love!

Hannah –


Hannah Viviers is the Creator and Host of The Dream BIG TV Show

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I’m working on a Blog Post titled “Can You stand to be Blessed?”

I remember T.D. Jakes speaking about this and thinking: “Who DOESN’T want to be blessed?!”
I was in my teens then and hadn’t realised a lot of what I do now.
There are some of You who’ve been going through so much- you feel like every which way you turn you’re dodging missiles…
You can’t understand why some people you thought would back you don’t…
You just don’t get why things aren’t coming as you’d hoped- You’re working hard, smart and doing “everything” you know and still…
Let me share a tidbit I’m discovering: If You are living your Purpose- even if you may not feel like it You are Blessed.
Some of the definitions for Blessed are: Worthy of adoration, Divinely or Supremely Favored, Fortunate, Blissfully Happy or Contented…
Let me tell you there is NO WAY you can have all of that without opposition.
We all want to be blessed but: Can We stand it?
Can we stand the opposition, the betrayal, the hurt, the judgement, and some other not-so-pretty things that come with being Blessed?
Yes we can!
The same God that Blessed You is with You every step of this Journey.
You are never never alone.


Hannah Viviers is the Creator and Host of the Dream BIG TV Show

It’s not just about Race: My Prayer for Every Parent

Every time I see race issues concerning kids- I weep- every single time!
I just read another article about an African American Kid who was killed because… there are varying accounts- Y’all know what I think.

I wept when I read the article– I can’t stop the tears pouring now-

I have to say that with all the negative press we get in South Africa- can I dare to say that we at least don’t have to worry about our sons being gunned down because of the colour of their skin?

But my thoughts below are not about race at all- they’re about what we as parents, regardless of colour, have to war against and for as we raise our precious babies.

I watch my children and their gorgeous hair and delicious skin and I love them as I see all the incredible women (regardless of colour) I’m connected to adore their kids.

I watch my girlfriends (regardless of colour) hold their grown kids tight as though wishing to never let them go-

I watch my fellow mom-friends (regardless of colour) look at their growing-too-fast toddlers as if to stay: “Wherever you go, take me with You.”

My favourite posts on Social Media are of parents (regardless of colour) loving their kids as if LOVE in their world is spelt using their children’s names.

There are realities about how our children (regardless of colour) will be treated- the fact is the world won’t ever love them as much as we do-
It will try and murder our babies from the inside regardless of what colour they are-
Our job as moms and dads is to hold them super tight and tell them everyday how AWESOME they are!

Our place in their lives is to build Castles of Confidence in them that nothing can tear down.

As a black woman, because of what I’d been through, I used to think that any child of mine would have it really tough in this world-
But I’ve seen my fellow moms, of all races, battle with patching up wounds the world and life often inflicts on their children- and I know we are all in this together.

Race issues are real.
But so are issues that affect all humanity: rejection, loneliness, abandonment…

No one will ever love our babies as we do-

May we build a generation of children who Know WHO they are, WHOSE they are and are utterly aware of the incredible, invincible stuff they’re made of.
Every child is awesome- the world won’t ever tell our kids that- It’s our Job to tell them over and over and over until it’s so ingrained in who they are that it’ll be impossible for them to believe anything else.

That’s my prayer for all of us parents because Regardless of race- when it comes to our babies we’re in this together.

– Hannah Viviers is the Creator and Host of the Dream BIG TV Show