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Sometimes when we move to another country we live there with an elevated perception of ourselves.

We think our “way” of doing things is better and far superior than the ways of the Locals.

Many times those of us that move to other countries are able to do so because of our strong educational backgrounds and qualifications- that too feeds into the sense of being better than…
I think it’s the way most of us humans are- almost by default.

If we’re truly honest, many of us have an elevated view of ourselves in some area of our lives- there’s “that” group of people we think we’re better than.

Far too often expats consider themselves far superior to the locals in whose country they reside.
I’ve spoken with people from various parts of the world and this trend seems common around the globe.

I got over that nonsense in my own life and have learned the importance of honouring the people in whose country I live.

If things were really as fantastic as we claim of our countries we would be there right now- we would never have left.

If our “ways” were so incredible then why oh why did we leave our countries?

We need to honour the people in whose land we live in.

They might not always welcome us with arms wide open- and they might not always treat us in honourable ways- but let’s not judge an entire people- and let’s remember that this is their land. Even if we’re contributing here, all we have is “permission” to live in a country that’s not originally ours.

South Africa taught me how to stand up for Me- it was tough growing up in this country.
The rejection, the horrible treatment at times- but had it not been for this country I would not be the woman I am today.

South Africa gave me true confidence in who I am.

It gave me opportunities my own country never would have.

This doesn’t mean I’m ashamed of my country- not at all- Zambia birthed me- all of me- the core of who I am was forged by my birth country.

I am not and never will be ashamed of my Zambia- but South Africa raised me. For that I’m grateful.

I used to be one of those folks who’d lament about how incredible “we” Zambians were-
But I look at the nation of South Africa- I look at a people who rise no matter what- I look at a nation of innovators and world changers who have built something that is admired all over the world- what an honour to be part of that!

I love South Africa not because it’s perfect but because this country has given me SO much!
For folks who “love” their own countries and cannot stand the “ways” of South Africa- it’s mind boggling why they stay here- it BOGGLES the mind even more why they don’t return to these “wonderful” home countries they speak of.

South Africa is home to many different nationalities- what excites me is the vigour and hope that has burst open in this country- it’s AWESOME!

If we’ve made this our home we need to defend it and stand up for it whenever anyone slags us.

Let’s be honest, we left our own countries for a reason- We came to South Africa for a reason.
Before we point fingers and cry: “XENOPHOBIA!”

We need to ask ourselves: “How much Love and Honour are we showing the Country and the People who’ve allowed us to live in their land?”


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Dream BIG Manifesto

This is for the Dreamers. The ones who Start Stuff. The World Changers. The Lovers who inspire. The channels of Hope that compel us to Fly.

This is for the Radicals. The Darers. The ones who forge paths where few dare to explore. The Warriors who know that every Champion gets hit- it’s the getting up and staying in the game that wins!

This is for the Reachers. The ones who know the stars are not out there but inside them. The ones who live for a calling greater than human ears can hear.

This is for the Jumpers. The ones who’d rather take uncertain jumps and fly for just one moment than live wondering, “What If?”

This is for the Creators. The ones who don’t wait for change but make the change we need.

This is for the ones who cannot be tamed. The ones who cannot be contained.

This is for the Crazy! The Bizarre! The magicians that bring us WOW! The ones who cannot stop. The ones who Dance to their own rhythm. The ones who show us the Beauty of Living.

This is for the Game Changers. The Impacters. The ones whose hearts are so focused on their Destiny no set back can hold them down.

This is for the ones who Don’t give up. Who keep going against staggering odds.

This is for the DreamBIGGERS! The ones who inspire us to reach beyond ourselves and bring to life what we’ve always dreamed.


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Who Can Save Love?

Taken from Tanya Lee Schultz

Once upon a time there was an island where all the feelings lived; happiness, sadness, knowledge, and all the others, including love. One day it was announced to all of the feelings that the island was going to sink to the bottom of the ocean. So all the feelings prepared their boats to leave. Love was the only one that stayed. She wanted to preserve the island paradise until the last possible moment.

When the island was almost totally under, Love decided it was time to leave. She began looking for someone to ask for help. Just then Richness was passing by in a grand boat. Love asked, “Richness, Can I come with you on your boat?” Richness answered, ” I’m sorry, but there is a lot of silver and gold on my boat and there would be no room for you anywhere.”

Then Love decided to ask Vanity for help who was passing in a beautiful vessel. Love cried out, “Vanity, help me please.” “I can’t help you,” Vanity said, “You are all wet and will damage my beautiful boat.”

Next, Love saw Sadness passing by. Love said, “Sadness, please let me go with you.” Sadness answered, “Love, I’m sorry, but, I just need to be alone now.”

Then, Love saw Happiness. Love cried out, ” Happiness, please take me with you.” But Happiness was so overjoyed, that he didn’t hear Love calling to him.

Love began to cry. Then, she heard a voice say, “Come Love, I will take you with me.” It was an elder.

Love felt so blessed and overjoyed that she forgot to ask the elder his name. When they arrived on land the elder went on his way. Love realized how much she owed the elder.

Love then found Knowledge and asked, “Who was it that helped me?”

“It was Time,” Knowledge answered. “But why did Time help me when no one else would?”, Love asked.

Knowledge smiled and with deep wisdom and sincerity, answered, “Because only Time is capable of understanding how great Love is.”

LOVE, Hope and Destiny! Don’t Miss It!

Time flies by TOO Fast!
It’s already AUGUST!
A while ago I’d sent out an invite for a Dream BIG event I’ll be hosting to support teen moms.
We’ll be having the picnic on September 6, 1pm on the West Rand.
Confectionery suite The Secret Cupboard is sponsoring a wonderful cake, cupcakes and a gorgeous platter of eats.

Secret cupboard cupcake
Visit the Secret Cupboard’s website by clicking here

If you’d like to attend or offer help for the event please email me at

We’re asking for items that would assist a teen mom: diapers, clothes, blankies, toys (used or new)…

Some of the items we receive we’ll be donating to an incredible orphanage we’re involved with.
Our theme for the picnic is LOVE, HOPE and DESTINY!
Don’t miss it!
I look forward to seeing you there.


Hannah Viviers is the Creator and Host of the Dream Big TV Show

Grab what God has for You!

And Don’t LET GO!

I recently discovered that one of the reasons I wasn’t experiencing victory in my life was because of my pathetic  view of God.

A couple of weeks ago I found myself frustrated (and quite angry) with God that wonderful opportunities would fall onto my lap- then just before they’d materialise they’d be snatched from me!

I was desperate to find out what was going on! What was I doing wrong?!

Then my friend Mercy Dembetemebe asked me some questions that opened my eyes to where the problems lay. She asked:

1. When God gives you these opportunities do you thank Him?

2. Do you continue thanking Him every day?

3. Where does your faith lie?

4. Where does your hope lie?

My answers were

1. Yeah I thank Him. Sometimes. But then when I don’t see stuff happen I give up.

2. Not really.

3. In people. I trust people to come through for me.

4. In people. My hope is that people will (again) come through for me.

Looking at my responses you can also see that my attitude  was the problem.

God takes us on journeys- sometimes the traveling may include a desert (or a few)- but even in those God provides.

While on this topic it’s impossible to not mention Israel’s trek out of Egypt.

Even when they were in the desert God provided EVERYTHING they needed. Yet what was their attitude? Constant Complaining.

Still, despite their very rubbish attitude, God faithfully got them to the Gorgeous, Abundant, Land He’d promised them.

Instead of remembering all He’d done: Getting them out of Egypt in a MIRACULOUS way- oh let’s not mention the parting of the gigantic Red Sea- and the food that miraculously fell  out of heaven! Constant provision of Water! In the desert…

They also  forgot that in all their many years of traveling through the desert their clothes and shoes never wore out- in fact clothes grew on their children! They never needed new clothes! Every single day was a miracle for these guys- Yet what was their attitude when, finally, God got them to the Promised Land? They forgot Who their God was.

The giants they saw in the land were not the problem. The problem was what they chose to see as bigger.

What broke Daddy God’s heart wasn’t that His children were afraid of the giants, what broke His heart was that after ALL He’d shown them they still chose  to think of the giants as greater than Him!

They chose to believe that God had brought them ALL this way, sustained them all this time, yet when it came to defeating the giants He’d leave them alone and they’d have to “make a plan.”

God knew there were giants in the Land He’d Promised Israel.

Before they left Egypt God knew ALL about the giants- and He knew exactly how He  would deal with those giants.

What Daddy wanted was Israel to remember Who He was.

At every stage of your Journey God is constantly providing.

Even when you’re in a desert God is providing!

It my not look like it- and sometimes it surely doesn’t feel  like He’s got your back. But He does. The way to experience His provision is to receive it!

Receive even when it doesn’t feel like You have what You want yet. Declare victory even when you feel as though you can’t win!

It was a SHOUT of victory that brought the walls of Jericho down.

You have got to Grab what God has for You!

The way we do that is by thanking God when He gives us something… even when it feels impossible to hold on to the gift! Thank Him and Don’t stop thanking Him.

Don’t be like how I was, constantly putting my faith and hope in people- expecting that the answers I needed would come through people! That is a sure recipe for disaster!

Our hope, faith and everything else has to be in God!

You grab what God has for You by DECLARING every single day that: “Daddy YOU gave me This! I see the giants but I see Your greatness even more! You are BIGGER Daddy! WHOA!”

There are giants in every promised Land- the giants are not the problem- our attitude toward God is.

We need to get to the place where we laugh in the enemy’s face and make very clear to him that we are going nowhere- we WILL Grab what God has for us! If God Promised us the land HE will take care of the giants. End of argument.

The Enemy Always fights hardest

Friends God cannot lie. If He promised it He’ll ensure it comes to pass. Because He Loves YOU!

Grab what God has for You!

Grab what God has for You!

Grab what God has for You!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The King has called You to His Table of abundance- Will You FEAST with Him?


Hannah Viviers is the Creator and Host of the Dream BIG TV Show. She’s so very glad that the God Who Created ALL things is Her Dad!

The Reward of Waiting

It’s easy to encourage someone else to “wait for their Isaac.”
When we’re the ones having to do the waiting, sometimes it’s hard to distinguish between doing it ourselves and producing children that, while born out of our own flesh and blood, are not the children God promised us.
Daddy promised us that His sheep know His voice- and another’s they would not follow.
One of the most difficult things I’m learning is to trust God’s direction when I hear Him- especially when what He’s telling me to do doesn’t make sense at that time.
It’s not always an easy thing waiting for God’s Isaac.
We have to believe though that God never tells us to wait in order to punish us or make life difficult- He tells us to wait because He sees ALL things-
My Spiritual Mom once told me: “Hannah we don’t have to know all things- He does and that’s enough for me.”
It’s through His Love and complete understanding of our situation that He advises us to wait- We have got to trust that even the wait is an expression of His Love for us.
The most freeing part is knowing it doesn’t have to make sense!
Everything God takes us through is because of His Love for us.
My Sister, My Brother, Dear Friend, Wait on the Lord. Don’t trust in your own understanding trust in His and Wait on Him.

Wait for the Lord

Hannah Viviers is the Creator and Host of the Dream BIG TV Show 


Guy says: “I’m not ready for a relationship.”

Girl hears: I might not be ready for a relationship- but you’re so awesome You might change me.
What Guy actually means: I want sex not commitment.

Guy (in serious relationship making advances on another woman) says: “It’s complicated.”
Other woman hears: You can save me. Please save me!
What Guy actually means: I want sex from you- BUT I’m NOT leaving my woman for you.

Guy says: “I think you’re great but I’m so busy I can’t spend that much time with you right now.”
Girl hears: I’m busy for now- but soon I’ll make it all about You! We’ll spend loads of time together and get married and have kids and I’ll buy you your dream house…
What Guy actually means: I want sex not commitment.

Guy says: “I’m not really ready to “settle down” yet.
Girl hears: But I will be soon. With You.
What Guy actually means: I want the milk not the cow.


Guys says: “So sorry I can only come this late at night coz I’m SO busy during the day!”

Girl hears: I love You. I want to be with you- I wish there were more hours in the day! But I’m here now. Did I mention I love You?

What Guy actually means: You’re my booty call. Period.

Guy says: “I just need a little space to sort some stuff out.”
Girl hears: I just need to sort out a few things. When it’s all sorted I’ll come back perfect and love you forever!
What Guy actually means: Yeah, I’d really like to move on. From You.

Moral of the story: Know the Code
Second Moral: When a Man Loves a Woman he says what he means and means what he says.

HEADS UP: Good Guys DO exist

Decoding the guy code


Hannah Viviers is the Creator and Host of the Dream BIG TV Show.