An Ode to the Beautiful Maya Angelou

Oh Maya…
I think some of us may have turned out quite different without her input- her unshakable resolve about things she really believed in- her flamboyance when it came to loving fiercely- her conviction when she shared her writing- her truth when she spoke from the heart-

I must have been about 15 when I first saw and heard from her- instantly I loved her-
Every time I heard her speak my heart would soar and I wished that one day when I was that old I’d be that beautiful- that profound- that generous- that carefree- that convicted- that appreciative of the gift of life- that raw and true-
I wished that I too would have a Wisdom that made beautiful young hearts sit at my feet and soak-
And I wished that like her- the words, beauty, encouragement, motivation and truth I’d share with them, they would carry in their hearts always.

I was sad when my friend told me of her passing- but I also thought- how amazing to live a life so full of purpose and fulfillment!
What a blessing to have had such a rich life joyfully giving so much to others?
What amazes me most about her life is I didn’t really follow the causes she stood for or supported- it was who she was as a person that inspired me.
I think that, that, perhaps is life’s greatest testimony- how we impact others by just being ourselves.
Thank You Maya.


Maya Success




Don’t trade your Family…

A successful entrepreneur was asked how he could be so actively involved in the lives of his wife and children while still giving so much to his business ventures.
His answer was “Stop with the distractions and answer the call.”
I thought about it for a while and realised that often a lot of what we do is  distraction.
Perhaps when we prioritise what matters to us and get into the habit of cutting out fluff that wastes our precious time- we may just find that having a successful family life and enjoying the thrill of going after our dreams doesn’t have to mean giving up one for the other.


My life without these guys would be so flat. They are my inspiration and the drive that makes me go.
My life without these guys would be flat. They are my inspiration and the drive that makes me go.

Hannah Viviers is the Creator and Host of the Dream BIG TV Show.


Live Happy!

Your happiness matters. Being happy empowers you to live and love in ways you never have before-
It is a rich place of inspiration that empowers you to reach into yourself and go through every day doing something you absolutely believe in… something that will impact the lives of others in ways you’d never even dreamed possible.

My blog’s tagline is “Live Happy”
What a powerful statement!

God came on this earth so YOU would have an ABUNDANT Life!
Daddy God paid the price for you to be JOYFUL! Please don’t settle for less- Your Dad, Your God, paid SUCH an insanely HIGH price so you wouldn’t have to live miserable, abandoned and below your potential!
No! That is NOT your portion!

You are a child of the King, the Beloved of our Great Lord- You are HIGHLY favoured and so deeply cherished.

I’ve been at stages where I felt dead and empty inside- I had nothing to give other than bitterness- I oozed hurt and despair- so I can relate to the feeling of truly being down in the dumps…
No matter how impossible change seems- pray for it. Ask God to knock down doors for you- Shout out “Daddy I need to be HAPPY!”
Ask Him to make it possible for you to express your gifts and the talents He’s put inside you- You will never ever be happy doing things you loathe- doing what you love is such a vital key to happiness.

I am right there with you believing in the God who, WILL, and IS doing the impossible for me!

I’m also trusting God for insane blessings and the ability to do what I love on a BIGGER, GRANDER, platform- because blessing others makes me happy!

Don’t be shy to shout out (loud) what you desire- don’t be embarrassed by your crazy dreams or your outrageous ambitions.
Dream BIG! Dream BIG! Dream BIG!

I pray God would awaken your senses and remind you of what you truly love.
I pray that He would knock down doors for you, Part Great Seas and calm raging storms so that you would walk in the abundance He gave His life to give you.

I’m sending you love.

Do not neglect your gift


Hannah Viviers is the Host and Creator of the Dream BIG TV Show

People are Awesome!

Last night I sent out an invite on Facebook asking for help with a picnic I’d like to host for a friend who works to empower teen moms- the heartfelt responses I received made me cry. People are truly awesome.

Some of the offers I received were from people I had never met- other offers were so generous and suggested the kind of help I never thought people would provide- and they are all doing it for young women they’ve never met!

This made me ponder on how wonderful people are.

There is so much (so much!) horrible in the world.

On a daily basis we are bombarded with cruel images and updates of the vilest things humans get up to- often I think this rot makes most of us skeptical, bitter, mistrusting and extremely anti-social.

But… every now and then we bump into folks who go to insane lengths to help people they barely know- folks who travel entire continents to bless others in dire need- and truly incredible individuals who are generous in a world that, for the most part, does not seem to care.

These people remind us all that people do  care.

I’ve experienced people who love selflessly and give generously with absolutely no expectation of payback- It’s individuals like this who inspire us- far more than they could ever know!


Hannah Viviers is the Creator and Host of the Dream BIG TV Show

The prayers I’m GLAD God didn’t answer

My heart was shattered many many times.
Oftentimes it left me feeling so stupid and ugly- and I’d ask myself: “What is wrong with me!”
Oh all the times I lost my dignity chasing after men I’d given my heart to- with each heartbreak I felt as though I’d died a little.

One heartbreak came at a time I didn’t think I could bear anymore pain and disappointment- I was heavily wounded- so when this heartbreak came I thought it would surely kill me-
I remember my mom showing me a map of the world and her saying: “Hannah there are over 9 BILLION people on the planet! 9 BILLION! You cannot tell me that out of ALL these people God would fail to give you just one amazing man!”

But still I wept, and still I pined- Breathing was hard. I cried all the time because I felt horribly empty inside- like someone had just taken the most precious parts of me- chewed them and spat them out on a rotting rubbish heap.

And then…
And then I met a man who made me feel as though his entire life belonged to just me- He made me feel as though his life’s purpose was to build me a castle with his very own hands-
When I was with him he made me feel as though every breath he breathed was just for me!
In him I felt more beautiful than I ever had- In him God showed me the kind of woman He had created and had always believed I was.

Whenever I think of my Guy and how utterly Blessed I am to have him- I thank God He protected me.

I thank God for not answering my desperate prayers to bring back men who would, most probably, have imprisoned me to a lifetime of misery.

I would not be the woman I am today had I married anyone else but My Guy- my Bestest Friend in all the world!

I would not have achieved what I have without my husband- I would not be living my most incredible dreams if my husband weren’t the fuel in my engine that makes me go.
He is my most wonderfully wise mentor- the one who keeps reminding me that in God I am absolutely forgiven-
His utter belief in me compels me to Dream OUTRAGEOUSLY and really REALLY BIG!
It is him who keeps telling me how needed my input is in this world…

For every girl (or guy) going through heartbreak- Please know your story is not over.

God wants to shower you with the most amazing romance you’ve ever known.
It may come when you least expect it- but it will come.

My prayer for you is that you would nurture the really great guys- the ones who will inspire in you the greatness you truly are. Anyone who is not that I pray you would have the strength to let go.


– Hannah Viviers is the Creator and Host of the Dream BIG TV Show

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A Parent’s Heart

There are times when my kids make me mad! I mean SO MAD!
But even then- never ever do Luke and Sky have to EARN my love- 
Even then I would STILL fall over myself to do whatever they needed me to do- 
Even at my most maddest of times I would STILL gladly lay my life down for my two babies- without a moment’s hesitation.
No matter what they do- in my eyes they are still WORTHY of every smidgen of love I have for them- and MORE!
That is the heart of a parent. It’s how we wired- and there’s not a thing we can do about it.
Jesus Himself told us that compared to our love for our own children- His Daddy Loved You and Me WAY more…
Please think on that.

My Rock Star Son
My Rock Star Son
My fierce Baby Girl
My fierce Baby Girl


Hannah Viviers is the Creator and Host of the Dream BIG TV SHow

Single MOMS- This one is for YOU!

Many of my friends are Single Moms- even on my most energetic of days doing everything I need to do for my kids is tough and hard work- how single moms do it all on their own is quite something!

So this is for all Single SUPERMOMS – may God bless You tremendously as you faithfully do the most important job in all the world.

I made this video especially for You!

The Love We Always Wanted…

What would happen if husbands and wives were always gracious with one another?
Never taking outbursts or actions personally- but always considering their partner’s heart? 
What would happen if married couples always thought the best of each other no matter what their significant other displayed?
What if in the angry moments one would always say: “I know you’re so mad but I think you’re cute when you’re mad- and I love you. And I hear you. And I’m sorry what I said (or did) hurt your feelings- that’s the last thing I wanted? Please forgive me?”
What if married couples decided to always cuddle in bed no matter what- and never ever left the house without kissing each other goodbye?
What if there was never silent treatment or threats of leaving?
What if there was a solid knowing that the other person would love you no matter what happened?
What if we championed each other always and forever?
What if we gave up completely the need to be right?
What if married couples gave and gave to each other with no desire or thought of what they’d get in return?
What if we abandoned the need to be validated and chose instead to love without fear of rejection- ever?
What if our marriages inspired our children to wait for such a Love- to never compromise for anything less?
And what if our children desired, more than anything in their hearts, to have marriages just like ours…
What if…

Hannah Viviers is the Creator and Host of the Dream BIG TV Show