For when you don’t know…

Sometimes it’s OK to not know.

Yesterday I was talking about being “specific” about what we want in our lives.

The truth is sometimes we don’t know what we want.

We hear all this stuff about vision and goals and mapping out how we’re going to get to our “dream destination” etc etc- but I realised yesterday that when I started on my journey to doing what I wanted in my life- I had NO idea what it was I wanted to do- I mean zero, none, nada- zilch-

Those of you who’ve been with me on this blog for a while may remember a time I was so depressed that getting through each day was a huge struggle for me…

That was about two years ago…

At that stage I had NO idea what I wanted- The only thing I thought I wanted was to die- and I really mean that.

I’d get anxiety attacks when I woke up in the morning because the idea of a new day terrified me-

I didn’t know how to cope with my life. Having to wake up each day was a burdensome chore that was more painful than I know how to fully express here.

Today, two years later, I love love LOVE my life!

I love mornings- I love afternoons- I love evenings- each day matters to me- I enjoy living.

My life means so much to me because it has meaning now.

My point in all this is to say there was a time when I didn’t know what I wanted.

One of the things I did though was I got rid of things I didn’t want.

Those things (or, unfortunately, people) that are weighing you down are usually obvious and don’t require too much time to identify. They’re easily identifiable because one of their traits is they are ginormous energy suckers! Urgh! I got tired just writing that line!

The most important part about getting to a place where we find joy is to be truthful. And to do things that may not be at all comfortable.

As we realise truth by truth and choose to take action- step by step- one moment at a time- one day at a time- things become clearer… and clearer… and clearer.

Before you know it you’re living a wonderful life you may or may not have even dreamed of- but you will be happy. In the end that’s all that matters.

Do what you can.

Take tiny steps- those tiny steps become strides- and soon you find yourself running- the wind in your hair- the sun beaming in your heart and the wonderful song of meaning beating in every cell in your body.

You don’t have to start out knowing every detail about what you need to do to be happy- just listen to your heart and begin following it.

– Hannah Viviers is the Creator and Host of the Dream BIG TV Show

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A well-known secret…

How far I’ve come!
Today I’m scooting down memory lane and celebrating this stage of my journey.
Over a year ago I quit a wonderful job- with no idea what I’d do next- with no reason other than that I was so deeply unhappy and knowing that what I was doing with my life wasn’t how I was meant to be living.
Today I can honestly say I am exactly where I should be.
My life no longer SUCKS!
And I’m finally able to experience that I am loved- really, truly and absolutely.
I’ve never been happier- never been more pumped about my life and never been more secure in God’s amazing incredible purpose for me.
I didn’t know these things when I quit my job.
It is so true that sometimes to get what we want we first have to let go of what we don’t want.

Hannah Viviers is the Creator and Host of the Dream BIG TV Show.


I stumbled upon this profound teaching yesterday- I am still soaking in it- taking notes- absorbing all I can.

I shared it on our Dream BIG Facebook Page believing that it would catapult those who took the time to go through into a new era of operation.

I’m posting it here believing the same for You.

I’d suggest going through this recording when you can take notes- pause and absorb- rewind and re-listen…  if you have a dream- and want to get the word out listening to this is perhaps the best thing you can do today.

This is AWESOME stuff.

To listen to this webinar recording click here



We are posting some really amazing stuff on our Dream BIG TV Show Page.

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Hannah Viviers is the Creator and Host of the Dream BIG TV Show.



Mangoes in April “Sneak Peak”

I’m frantically editing sample chapters to deliver today to folks who’d like a “sneak peak” of my book Mangoes in April.

If you’re interested drop me an email at

This “sneak peak” is a once-off for these chapters.

After they’ve been delivered to people who inbox me I will not be taking any more requests because I’d like to dedicate my time to finishing the rest of the book.

Below is a small taste of what I’ll be sending out soon…


Excerpt from Mangoes in April

She followed him to his home on the West Rand.

And it became their home. Or so she wished.

For she was still unsettled- and felt like a mere visitor…

Their house was small and cradled in a posh area called The Valley.

They were surrounded by beautiful mountains and nowhere did the sun shine so romantically as it did there.

Red hot pokers grow outside their bedroom window. And in summer the burgundy leaves of a tree, whose name the girl didn’t know, were just splendid.

There was a large beautiful Jacaranda tree in their backyard.

Another grew on the left of their home.

Through it they could see the beautiful expanse that lay beneath them- the spaces between the tree’s leaves and branches were like jagged windows to another world.

Down there the girl could see many many houses – each had a life. Each had a story.

When night fell some of those lights were lovers embracing- or passionate fights that ended up in broken dishes and sad, unfinished, glasses of wine.

Their garden was wild- complete with big boulders and rocks-

Their living room and kitchen overlooked a breath-taking view that kept them bound to this crumbling house.

All the moves, since she was a child, had taught the girl many things-

They broke her and built her and killed parts of her while bringing others to life- But that story is for another time…

For now the girl wondered how much of the snap shots of her childhood she really remembered and how many she’d made up.

For. Sometimes as children we see the world as we need to see it. To survive- or to fit in- or to belong. And sometimes when we grow up we continue with the delusions-

The girl didn’t know if it mattered to remember things in her past as they really were- or if continuing that part of her life with delusions of joyful, vibrant, colours of what she wished her childhood was, was better.

She didn’t think it mattered.

She used to think it did.

She used to believe that only once she’d understood and dealt with her past would she be able to go on with her life.

But trying to figure out her past had so far done nothing for her present.

The past haunted her. Still. Sometimes.

She saw it peep through her bedroom window- sly and cunning- luring her to dwell in its cold claws.

It crept into her marriage. Like it’d crept into every important aspect of her life.

I’m no longer a child, she thought to herself. It’s time to stop pretending everything was great.

It’s time to stop pretending everything  is great.

I’m losing my husband- I’m losing my marriage- I feel I’ve lost me.

Sometimes I feel there’s nothing left.

I watch the moments tick by like granules falling through an hour glass- my life is trickling through this minute hole- stuck in a beautiful glass…

I want the glass to break- for the sand to pour out.

Then I can paint pictures in the sand- I can paint the granules and make them vibrant and alive- and I can go on with what’s left.

Can figuring out the past help me with that? I doubt it.

Can “dealing” with it give me back what I lost?

We buy into hogwash so often. Because it suits us. Because it’s easier.

It’s easier to dwell in the past. Because in the past we were fools. In the past we were young. And in our past it was someone else’s fault. Someone else had to be the grown-up. Someone else made the decisions that impacted us. It was their  fault. And so now it’s their responsibility. And we remain children. Forever.

The girl muttered these things to herself for she knew it was harder to acknowledge and accept that Now mattered. Right now. Right this moment.

If she’d known this when she’d met him- maybe they would’ve been happy. Maybe.

– An excerpt from Mangoes in April,  by Hannah Viviers

A Wonderful Blessing!

Good morning People I Love!
It is So Good to be blessed with another day to do amazing things- no matter how mundane they may seem.
This week I watched Louie Giglio’s “ALIVE” DVD (You can watch a snippet below)- what an explosive blessing that was!
He reminded me that I am fearfully and wonderfully made.
You Dear Friend are fearfully and wonderfully made.
No matter what you’ve been through or what you may be going through now- I want you to know that YOU ARE LOVED!
And you are SO Very Very Very Special!
I’ve been declaring a good day-
And I declare it over you Now:
This day IS an Awesome day for You!
May you stumble upon explosive blessings!
May you experience inexplicable joy and wonder.
May a Deep Revelation of Love be revealed in your heart.
And may you be reminded of how fearfully and wonderfully made you are.

-@hannahviviers, Dream BIG TV Show Host


You Matter

You matter.
The reason you survived was because you matter.
Despite what comes against you, you rise again and again and again because You Matter.
So many things tried to break you and yet look, you’re still here.
Despite some of the ugliness somehow you still have slivers of hope that shed beauty in your heart because You matter.
No matter what they said- no matter how you’ve been treated- no matter how beaten down you feel- no matter how hope eludes you- You matter.

You Are Loved

You Are Loved.
You were Loved even before You were born.
So Profoundly are You Loved
That much came against You to steal the truth that “You are Loved”.
Instead of focusing on the intensity of what has come against You
Think this: “For so much to come against Me, surely, I must be something truly special”.
For You are.
Really and Truly.

This is Worship

Today I wrote.
With each word
I delved deeper and deeper
Into awakeness
And experienced incredible Love.
I wanted to worship
And I wanted to Pray
Yet over and over and over
I felt God say:
This IS Worship 
When You do what you Love
When You express your gift
When You share the portion of Greatness I’ve assigned to You
You are Worshiping Me in the Deepest
And most Profound way possible.

From Iyanla Vanzant

“What is it that would make a creature as Fierce, Majestic and Powerful as a Lion is, subject itself to the intimidation of a man, a whip and a chair? The lion has been taught to forget what it is.”
― Iyanla Vanzant