Daddy God

Not being good enough.

I think many of us suffer from that plague from time to time.

We doubt ourselves- we doubt our abilities- it’s absolutely normal but it is not ok.

Not ok because the truth is that in God we are phenomenal beyond our wildest imaginations.

A few days ago I was mad at God. I mean so  mad.

I’d experienced what felt like an entire week of failures and I was angry with Him because I felt, Could I trust Him if all these things had happened?

Sometimes we say  we still love and trust God “No matter what happens.”

But if we’re really and truly honest we’re quietly seething.

We may never say it but it’s how feel.

But I was mad. At Him. And there was no hiding it.

I was on the verge of giving up on some incredible things He’d spoken in my spirit because I was flushed of energy- flushed of Go- flushed of Belief…

I went back to seeing Him as the “God” I’d feared as a child: BIG and completely uninterested in me, my dreams, my desires and the little things that made my life Go.

And then my dear friend Mercy came to my rescue…

She said, “Hannah if you’re building a house, and one brick of that house falls out, does the entire house fall down?”

“No,” I answered, knowing exactly what she meant.

She went on to tell me that the house was a metaphor for my relationship with God. He never ever failed us- but sometimes it might feel  as though He had.

She made me see that it was key to not trash the house because of one brick falling out of place.

I’ve found that the brick falling out of place is never a misstep on God’s part- it always stems from a wrong belief from me about Him.

I started calling God Father  a few years ago.

This year I started calling Him Daddy- because I felt that  loved by Him.

Sometimes though I still feel confused and unsure of His presence- for those times I’m learning to simply trust His Word that He will Never  leave me- not ever.

Mercy has been teaching me that God cares about the tiniest things in my life- things that may not seem significant even to me!

Daddy God. The Name that Jesus came to this earth to reveal to us about, His Father, His Daddy.

Often I come across people who are hurting deeply, who feel abandoned and let down- it’s as though the entire world failed them and they were left to fend for themselves- alone-

I want to tell them that Daddy wants to heal all that hurt. He wants to redeem all they’ve lost in the way only He can.

I want to tell them that He wants to show them a Love that they have never experienced before nor will ever experience outside of His very safe and capable Hands.

Sometimes the person I need to tell these things is Me.

I have to remind Myself  of this truth. Because staying in this truth is not automatic.

Storms come. And boy can they come!

When the waves are rising and I’m swimming against mighty waters it’s not easy to remember that He Loves Me.

The truest truth though is that He gives strength to not only swim but to walk on water though it rage fiercely against me.

Often that feeling of “not being good enough” affects everything.

The only thing that truly fixes that is Daddy’s Love.

What I hope to carry in me always is the awareness of my worth being in that God, Jesus, The Creator of the entire Universe Loved Me enough to deem me worth His own life.

Daddy God.

The Father of all good things.

The Father of Lights.

The Keeper and Protector of our Dreams.

Daddy God.

In Him I am more than good enough- I am absolutely perfect. And able. And utterly amazing.


One of the most important things is Starting.
You will never know if it’s really what you want to do until you give it a bash.
You will never know HOW to do it until you actually do it.
Starting is key.
Almost everyone talks about a dream they have- but the only ones who ever make it are those that give it a go and start.

Don’t Underestimate Love

Today we flooded our Dream BIG Facebook Page with Mark Cuban quotes.

You can see them here

I read a few of Mark’s articles this morning.

Some spoke about doing what You love and others about following your gut and not doing things for the sake of popularity.

It’s interesting that most of our lives we’re taught to do things that we “have to do” and not so much things we love to do.

Through out school we’re forced to participate in courses and activities we have no interest in.

Rarely, as we’re preparing for the journey of our lives, are we asked: “What do you really really  love to do?”

Eventually we stop asking it of ourselves.

Eventually we found ourselves utterly depressed, lost and so confused because the lives we have now are so very far from what our hearts had always desired.

The great and amazing news is that you can  still go after your dreams.

You can  still do the things you desired as a child.

Even if no one asked you what you loved- ask it of yourself now.

And… Have the courage to explore the answer you may receive.

Dream BIG going BIG

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– Warmest Regards,
Hannah Viviers, Dream BIG Host


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I’m thrilled to be sharing our first two videos on Dream BIG MOMS.

In this video I share some cool tips on how to get the most out of your children’s books- books are an amazing learning tool even beyond the story line.

In this video Georgina McLean-Wyness from Moms and Babes Roodepoort joined us to show us all the nifty sensory items that help stimulate our kids’ minds- and it’s all stuff we can either make ourselves or buy for really cheap.

The Greatest Resource

Often we look to people to help us fulfill our dreams.

When we identify something we lack our first attempt at solutions is to look for people to help us.

I’m learning that the first Person to go to is God.

He has all the wisdom to every situation we face.

He is also able to fully equip us with skills and know-how we need for any situation.

When He sees we need other people to help us He brings the best- far better than we’d ever get when we do it ourselves.

When it comes to our Dreams there is no Greater Resource to go to than the Creator of all Things.

Ever walked out of a meeting feeling…

Like you just wasted a huge chunk of your life?

Here’s why:

The worst interruptions (to productivity) are meetings.

  • They’re usually about words and abstract concepts, not real things.
  • They usually convey an abysmally small amount of information per minute.
  • They drift off-subject easier than a Chicago cab in a snowstorm.
  • They require preparation that most people don’t have time for.
  • They frequently have agendas so vague that no-body is really sure of the goal.
  • They often include at least one moron who inevitably gets his turn to waste everyone’s time with nonsense.
  • Meetings procreate. One meeting leads to another meeting leads to another…

When you think about it the true cost of meetings is staggering.

Let’s say you’re going to schedule a meeting that lasts one hour, and you invite ten people to attend. That’s actually a ten-hour meeting, not a one-hour meeting.

You’re trading ten hours of productivity for one hour of meeting time. And it’s probably more like fifteen hours, because there are mental switching costs that come with stopping what you’re doing, going somewhere else to meet, and then resuming what you were doing beforehand.

Judged on a pure cost basis, meetings of this size quickly become liabilities, not assets. Think about the time you’re actually losing and ask yourself if it’s really worth it.”

– Taken from Reworkby Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson.

Rework Black Cover


Sihle’s Brew

Since I met entrepreneur Sihle Magubane, often, I’m reminded why I have to keep going for my dreams- even when things are hard.

You can watch the interview I had with him on Dream BIG below

If you love coffee give Sihle a shout to order some of his delicious blends.

He also makes a mean Cappuccino… for everything coffee- he’s the guy to get a hold of.

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