Why should we listen?

Almost every day I read Seth Godin’s blog I feel – Oh goodness – another call to really delve into what I’m supposed to do on this earth.

So today I went back to one of his blogs – well quite a number of his blogs actually – they all seem to ask this question: “Why should we listen to you?”

And I ask myself this question: “Why should I be listened to?”

The whole point is that not everyone will listen to what you have to say.

In fact what you have to say might not resonate with many people- but for those for whom what you say matters – it’s quite something.

So in the journey to do what you love and to find joy – ask yourself this: what is it about me, that I can really zone into, that people would want to listen to? For some you may find that this is a harder question than it may seem.

Happy asking – and happy discovering.


I’m back baby!

Joy is SO under-rated.

This morning I had a bowl of yoghurt, made my husband breakfast, gave my son a bath and put him down for his nap. And now I’m blogging – for the first time in months!

It may seem like I’ve had a mundane morning- but I’m learning to find joy in the mundane. You tend to appreciate a good bowl of cold yogurt when for the longest time you didn’t even have the energy to open the refrigerator.

I feel again. And taste. And breathe. For so long I was just going through the motions.

I’m happy again – what a process it’s been to get back here!

I sought help – after tons of prayer and therapy and making some tough life changes I can say it feels amazing to not wake up with sheer dread for the day ahead.

We all want to be happy. Every single one of us. It’s one of those things I can confidently say about everyone without feeling I may be speaking nonsense.

We ALL want to be happy. We ALL know that and yet how come we under-rate happiness so much?

How come we spend so much of ourselves pursuing things we know won’t bring joy while giving up what we know will make our hearts sing?

I used to think “being happy” was a pie in the sky story for children – I thought: once grown up life is serious and for the most part miserable. “We do what we have to” was a line that I learned to accept.

I used to think it was immature and childish to pursue happiness with utter resolution – but now – I’ve been on the other side of happy – and I’m glad I grew up enough to realise that joy IS the goal.