Detoxing for Weight Loss

“Sugar’s not a food, it’s a drug”.  – Chef AJ

Being serious about weight loss means getting serious about the REASON for excess weight.

Most people think excess weight loss is a result of not exercising or eating too much- Yes those play a role but not as much of a role as being hooked to JUNK like sugar as well as refined and processed foods.

“Sugar is the gateway drug to cocaine and heroin use.” –  Dr Joel Fuhrman

If you’re serious about getting slimmer, sexier and a whole lot healthier you have to cleanse your body from the substances keeping it overweight and sluggish.

The reason our weight loss program is so effective is it deals with the root cause of weight gain: an unhealthy connection to food.

Central to our weight-loss program are coffee cleanses (coffee enemas) which are an extremely powerful tool for ridding the body of harmful substances that cause excess weight, unhealthy cravings and various illnesses.

Coffee enemas thoroughly cleanse the colon, clean out the liver and by so doing, effectively cleanse the entire body.

Coffee enemas, along with proper nutrition, have been used by leading holistic medical practitioners to successfully treat infertility, asthma,  diabetes and various chronic and degenerative diseases including cancer.

According to Dr Nicholas Gonzalez who used coffee enemas to successfully treat many of his terminally ill cancer patients:

“Nothing helps the liver clean out faster, more efficiently, in our experience more effectively, than coffee enemas.” – Dr Nicholas Gonzalez

In this video below, Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez talks about how coffee enemas work and why they’re so effective.  (Video Credit:

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