My Story

For YEARS I’d battled with weight. Eventually I accepted the “BIG girl” label.

What I couldn’t accept though was being on chronic medication for the rest of my life- so I decided to find a way to heal myself.

My search led me to
the POWER of detoxing.

After battling stubborn weight most of my life, chronic illness and heartbreaking infertility for years- through detoxing, that all changed.

During my detox I rapidly lost weight- my illness was cured and best of all…

Shortly after my detox
I fell pregnant, naturally, with my son Luke.

Prior to falling pregnant, I’d struggled with terrible stomach pain and had constant abdominal problems for over 5 years!

Twice I’d ended up at the hospital Emergency Room with acute stomach pain.

The doctors said it was common and gave me laxatives which they said I’d probably have to take for the rest of my life!
I was CONSTANTLY bloated. My skin was a MESS! The skin on my face had become so sensitive it hurt to touch it. I knew all this was because there was something HUGELY wrong with my digestive system– but no one seemed to have answers for me about how I could fix this.
Some of the remedies the doctor’s prescribed made my condition WORSE!
I knew there had to be a solution!

I did loads of research which led me to discovering coffee enemas from a world renowned nutritionist. She seemed to have the answers I needed BUT she was in the UK!

I knew those coffee enemas were what I needed!

Eventually, by God’s beautiful Grace, I met a woman, here in South Africa who had cured herself from bone marrow cancer through the power of detox! She taught me how to do the coffee enemas. Best money I ever spent!

I researched more about detox and begun to follow a detox diet. What I discovered through the coffee enemas was SHOCKING! The coffee enemas helped me eliminate PLAQUE from my body. Colon plaque is believed to be one of the LEADING causes of most chronic illnesses and even infertility! Within a month of following a detox diet my skin had cleared, I’d lost an incredible amount of weight. I felt the best I had in YEARS! From restless sleep before the detox I now enjoyed deep, beautiful, sleep-

It was life changing!

Three months after my detox I fell pregnant. I’d struggled with infertility for YEARS! During that time I’d undergone numerous rounds of fertility treatments- NONE of them had worked!

When I begun my detox journey I came across some research done by detox and holistic healing Guru Dr Plaskett. Dr Plaskett is a leader in Nutritional Medicine. He reported research that showed that among women who underwent IVF treatment to fall pregnant, 25% of them were successful. Among the women who underwent a holistic health and nutrition program 75% of them fell pregnant NATURALLY!
I’m not a scientist and I haven’t done the research myself, but I know what I experienced. I also, personally, know a woman who cured herself from bone marrow cancer by detoxing- there are many stories online of people just like her.

Hippocrates was spot on when he said,

“Let food be thy medicine and thy medicine be food”.

For years I’ve wanted to share this story but didn’t quite know how to.
At the time I wrote this post  my husband and I were undergoing a juice cleanse along with coffee enema detoxing.
Again I was overwhelmed by the TREMENDOUS results we saw! My husband was fully cured of two infections he’d had in his chest and stomach. He’d been on a round of antibiotics before getting on the detox program- after he’d finished his antibiotics course he was significantly WORSE!

By day 9 of his detox he was fully recovered, not only from both infections, but he’d also cut his intake of all his chronic medication to less than a third.

This stuff is POWERFUL! And we know we can no longer keep this to ourselves.

Detoxing helped me cure myself of a condition I’d battled with for five years- even doctors I consulted then weren’t able to help me.

Best of all is I believe God used this avenue of detox to get my body functioning as He had designed it to and get pregnant! Naturally!


In this pic I was pregnant with my third baby

From not being able to have kids to having three beautiful children! I know that a BIG part of that was the detox program I underwent 6 years ago.


I’ve seen people on chronic medication, including asthmatics, drastically decrease their medication using my detox program- One of my clients told me she doesn’t need her asthma inhaler anymore since she’s been on the detox program.

That’s why it’s my absolute CONVICTION that Helping your body effectively detox is one of the MOST powerful things you can ever do for your health!

I look forward to hearing from You.