Are Detox Enemas Safe?

The two most commonly reported side-effects (though rare) of detox enemas are: an electrolyte imbalance which we counter with the freshly extracted juices.

The juices replenish the body with electrolytes lost during the detox enemas.
The juices also nourish the body with the precise nutrients it needs to build, repair and essentially self-heal.
The other, most commonly cited side-effect has been reported by people with pre-existing conditions such as hemorrhoids.
Personally, I’d be cautious with someone who has hemorrhoids. However someone I took through the detox plan had had hemorrhoids for years.
During their detox enemas they did experience slight bleeding. They decided to continue with the program and told me that the remarkable results and benefits they experienced far outweighed the minor bleeding they had from the hemorrhoids.
Some practitioners recommend continuing with the treatment even in people with hemorrhoids
as they believe the detoxing would eventually be beneficial in even treating the hemorrhoids.
They recommend to only discontinue the use of detox enemas if there’s significant bleeding.
I’m a lot more cautious and would probably not be keen to take on someone with a history of hemorrhoids.
Like I said, the person who went through the detox with me and had hemorrhoids chose to go on with the process regardless and say they’re super glad they did.
It’s a personal decision.
For people who’ve had any kind of surgery on their colon or some serious medical condition with that region in their system, I would not take on- as those would most likely require approaches my detox plan does not cover.
Cleansing the body using a nutrition packed eating plan and coffee enemas has been a method that’s been used for decades.
There is documented research on the efficacy of this approach.
Dr Lawrence Plaskett who’s institute teaches Natural Medicine uses this approach and has conducted much research.
He is not alone.

Even Hippocrates, deemed the Father of Modern Medicine prescribed detox enemas as part of his treatment of patients.

I’ve seen plenty of articles that oppose detoxing, or even detox enemas.
The articles I’ve read, were written by authors who seemed to share second-hand information but hadn’t actually experienced the detox process or ever used detox enemas themselves before.
I’ve met a number of people who’ve used this detox method, and never come across anyone who’s done it and had negative experiences.
The only thing I’ve come across so far is the person I had who’d had the hemorrhoids- but even they chose to stick with the program and reported remarkable results.
Everyone I’ve personally spoken to whose embarked on a detox journey using these methods raves about the incredible impact it made on their health.
People differ, so do experiences, so again I cannot guarantee what the results would be for various individuals.
Most natural methods of healing, which this is, have a long, long, history of coming under attack.
I believe it’s simply because, if people could get better by such simple methods, what use would we have of, often expensive, drugs made in labs?
If we could experience a shift in the way we eat and eat less of the junk that makes us overweight and causes a plethora of health problems that eventually need to be medicated- it’s a challenge to some very powerful institutions.
I believe that, with this in mind, the negative press is bound to be there to “debunk” the efficacy of natural methods such as these.
As mentioned, I cannot guarantee the absolute safety of my detox plan-
I guess we could, in the same breath say that no drug that has been tested repeatedly can promise absolute safety either.
Prescription drugs and even over-the-counter medications come with long lists of ALL the side-effects that could arise from using them.
Some even cite death as a side-effect. (I was horrified to learn that!)
I was watching a piece on TV that reported the THOUSANDS of deaths that occur annually in the US as a result of people taking prescription medication precisely as their doctors had advised them to.

I’m not against the medical industry at all!

 God’s blessed us with great minds in that field that I’ve personally benefited from- and millions of people around the world benefit from as well.  Including saving lives on a DAILY basis!
This is just to say that nothing humans produce or do can be 100% guaranteed.
All I can say is that the detox enemas are natural.
The food we recommend is as natural as can be as it consists primarily of fruit and veg.
The supplements we recommend for the program are plant-based and have decades of research to back their benefits and efficacy.

Sample of my Detoxifying Eating Plan

My Detox Program comes with a 30 Day Detoxifying Eating Plan.

It kicks off with 7 Days of Juicing ONLY. This is vital for cleansing the body of existing toxins as well as providing You with the ESSENTIAL nutrients you will need to help your body restore, rebuild and heal itself. Perhaps the MOST satisfying part of the Juicing week is that, if you follow the program, exactly, you could lose between 3.5 kilos-5 kilos! In just 7 Days!

To help you keep the weight off and continue your health journey I include a DETAILED follow-up eating plan.

Each one of the 30 Days during your detox period has a detailed juicing or eating plan. Recipes for every juice and meal are provided.

The Below does not contain recipes, it’s just a sample of what a Juicing Schedule would look like.

Day 1

Today’s declaration:

I am ready for this.

I am strong and through this process I’m getting stronger.

I am willing and able to give my body what it needs to RE-SET, heal itself and repair what has been damaged or lost.

I am agreeing with God, the Universe He created and all of His Heaven that I am healed and whole- this process only helps me manifest what is already mine, excellent health!

I am not afraid of my past, I’m laying hold of my present and I am positive and full-of faith for the future.


Plan for today

Good morning drink:      Lemon Tea (pour hot water over a slice of fresh lemon). Helps digestion.

(If you can, drink your lemon tea outside.)

Beautiful Movement:    Do whatever moves you for 20 minutes. Walk, dance, cycle, workout, You choose- but do something you enjoy that moves your body.

Detox Enema:                   After you’ve cooled down from your move you can take your detox enema

Breakfast Juice:                Ultra-Green Detox Juice

Mid-Morning:                    Super Duper Avo Healer

Lunch:                                   Red Fighter Juice

Afternoon Power-Up:   Do whatever moves you for 20 minutes. Walk, dance, cycle, workout, You choose- but do something you enjoy that moves your body.

Afternoon Release:        Do your favourite stretch exercises

Din-Din Juice:                     Power Punch Juice

Night-Capper:                   Peppermint Tea or Hannah’s heart-warming tea

The Below does not contain recipes, it’s just a sample of what an Eating Schedule would look like.

Day 8

Today’s declaration:

I am grateful for the opportunity to heal. I am healing and experiencing more health each day. The results I’m experiencing are no coincidence. They’re a gift from a Father in Heaven who loves me. Everything I do on this program is a beautiful gift I give myself. I am grateful for the wonderful foods I’m to have this day.


Plan for today

Good morning drink:      Lemon Tea (pour hot water over a slice of fresh lemon). Helps digestion. (If you can, drink your lemon tea outside in a sunny spot.)

Beautiful Movement:    A good stretch exercise. Followed by a core strengthening workout.

Total: 30-40 minutes.

Breakfast Juice:                A bowl of fruit. (You can mix into plain natural yogurt if you like). Recommended: Kiwi and Mango.

Mid-Morning:                    Bowl of oats. Do not add milk. Add ground cinnamon generously. If you’d like to sweeten, add freshly extracted apple juice.

Lunch:                                   Super Detox Broth

Afternoon Power-Up:   Cardio workout 30 minutes

Late-Afternoon Snack:  Nuts, seeds and goat’s cheese. Include a herbal tea

Din-Din:                                Cucumber and Tomato Salad with grated Carrot. Drizzle some balsamic vinegar and linseed oil over your salad. Eat with baked Trout or Salmon (baked for 5-7 in oven pre-heated to 200°C).

Night-Capper:                   Peppermint Tea


For More information on my Body Detox Packages and Pricing, click HERE

RE-SET! The Hannah Viviers’ Complete Body Detox Handbook

This book shares my personal story of how I cured myself from infertility, lost loads of stubborn weight and healed myself from a stomach problem I’d battled for five years- all through the power of detoxing my body.

It also includes the incredible journey DaddyGod took me through as I sought my healing.

PLUS it’s PACKED with the motivation you’ll need to DO what you need to, to lose the weight and KEEP IT OFF!
The book has a DETAILED 30 Day detoxifying eating plan. This means for 30 Days I’ve prepared Everything you’ll eat from each meal to the next- all you have to do is follow the plan.
C’mon people- it doesn’t get EASIER than this!


An SNEAK Peak from my book:

*RE-SET! The Hannah Viviers’ Complete Body Detox Handbook*

After rounds upon rounds of infertility, I gave up.

Not on having children but in the methods I’d tried so far.

I’ll never forget it.

January of 2010, I was in my room, kneeling on the side of my bed, Like I’d been so many times.

But before, my prayers had been half-hearted.

I didn’t really commit to them because I was afraid that if they weren’t answered I’d be so disappointed in God, I’d give up on Him, turn away and perhaps never return.

That was too big a risk for me to take.

So I half-prayed. In that mode of, “Great if you do God, but totally cool if you don’t”.

But it wasn’t totally “cool”.

I was hurting.

I was desperate for a baby.

So this time, in January 2010 when I knelt by my bed- I committed. I had no other options left.

Everything I’d tried had failed.

“God, if you don’t fix me, “I prayed, “I’m screwed!”

Yep. I used that very word.

Because it was how I felt.

I continued my prayer with, “Father I know I’m broken…”

And right there God stopped me.

You see, I’d prayed for years. Never had God said a thing back to me.

I can’t tell you how many times I’d knelt, or lay face-down on the floor, or wept, or cried into my pillow- or screamed into my bed, saying things like, “Heal my barrenness Lord!”

I never got anything.

Not an answer. Not a verse from the Bible, nothing!

But that day, when I said, in absolute commitment to trusting God this time, “Father I know I’m broken…” my DaddyGod asked me, “Hannah, who told You that you were broken?”

I didn’t hear an audible Voice but I knew it was Him.

The question was calm but firm. I could hear His love but I could also hear His anger: “Who told you that you were broken?”

The question surprised me.

At first I didn’t know how to answer.

I stumbled through a couple of responses that came to mind… but I was stuttering…

“Bbbbbut God, I see it. I mean, I don’t have children…”

I went through a list of “evidences” that backed my case.

But I could sense that God was not going to get into this argument with me.

He’d spoken.

He didn’t say anything else after that.

Could it be?

I sat on my bed not knowing what to do. Not knowing how to feel.

What had God just told me?

Surely that wasn’t a question? I mean, what if, what sounded like a question was actually a Statement?

Was He saying I wasn’t broken?

But what of the infertility I’d experienced?

What of the scans that showed the Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome?

What of…

But what was God saying?

And in that one question God took me on a journey.

A journey that showed me who I was.

A journey that showed me who He was.

A journey that revealed to me His perfect design of my body.

As we walked together through the Scriptures, hand in Hand, FatherGod walked me through the streets that Jesus had walked.

He showed me the woman who had fallen at His feet, thanking Him for saving her life because He’d saved her from men who’d intended to stone her for adultery.

As I stood with DaddyGod we looked on as Jesus looked into her eyes and said, “…neither do I condemn You.”

I saw her body sigh relief. I could feel His Love wash right through her and heal every brokenness she’d carried.

DaddyGod and I walked to the well, there was Jesus with a woman. As He spoke to her we saw His words heal her heart so deeply that she ran back home and couldn’t stop shouting about this Man Jesus Whom she’d encountered.

Daddy and I thronged through multitudes of people who came to Jesus and He healed them all. Every single one of them.

DaddyGod and I watched through a window as Jesus baked bread with His mother Mary, and she reveled in His presence.

As we walked through The Scriptures Daddy showed me that Jesus never ever turned anyone away who came to Him for healing.

And then Daddy took me back to the Garden. Back to the time He said to Adam and Eve “Be fruitful and multiply.”

I get it Daddy! I exclaimed.

His commandment had said, “Be fruitful and multiply.”

Nowhere did God say, “Be fruitful and multiply- oh except you Hannah!”


He’d included me in that command! And if He commanded it surely He’d made every provision for me to be fruitful!

Daddy took my hand again and we walked through Psalm 139.

Oh Lord You have searched me and known me…

You discern my thoughts from afar…

You hem me in, and before

And lay Your hand upon me

Such knowledge is too wonderful for me;

I cannot attain it…

For You formed my inward parts;

You knitted me together in my mother’s womb.

I praise You, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made.

Wonderful are Your works;

My soul knows it very well.

My frame was not hidden from You,

when I was being made in secret,

intricately woven in the depths of the earth.

Your eyes saw my unformed substance;

In Your book were written, every one of them,

the days that were formed for me,

when as yet there was none of them.

If I would count them, they are more than the sand.

I awake, and I am still with You.

This is one of my favourite portions of Scripture because it speaks so very plainly to what we’ve been designed to be physically.

There are many spiritual truths in this Psalm. But through it God showed me so much evidence that I was NOT broken.

For years I’d been angry with Him, yelling, “Why did You do this to me? How could you make me so broken?”

Now I understood that anger I’d heard in DaddyGod’s voice when He’d asked, “Who said you were broken?”

It wasn’t me He was angry with.

He was angry at the lie!

He was angry that His perfect design had been challenged by a lie and it hurt Him that I’d believed the lie.

He didn’t blame me. He wasn’t upset with me.

But He was angry that a lie had come to His beautiful daughter and it had twisted how she saw herself- how she saw Him and how she was experiencing the amazing life He’d given her.

He wanted to restore what had been taken from me. And it wasn’t my health. It was my belief.

DaddyGod knew that when my belief in who I was, was restored everything would follow.

It was an amazing journey!

One that ended in me finally carrying the bringer of Light, my son Luke.

*Taken from My book ‘RE-SET! The Hannah Viviers’ Complete Body Detox Handbook’

Body Detox Packages

RE-SET! The Hannah Viviers’ Complete Body Detox Handbook – R209:   This ebook is PACKED with inspiration to help you through your detox journey, the exact motivation you need to meet your health and/or weight loss goals AND a 30 Day eating plan to help you detox,  lose weight, feel healthier and look super sexy!

DIY Detox Kit Only – R1950: Includes a detox kit and detox enema coffee only. This is recommended only for clients who have already undergone training on correctly preparing and administering detox enemas.

The Complete DIY Detox Kit – R2600:     Includes a detox kit and detox enema for 7 treatments, training on how to use the kit for the detox enema, as well as training on how to administer your own hydrotherapy treatments. Hydrotherapy treatments are used to cleanse the colon and cost an average of R750 per treatment. With this package you’ll also be able to administer your own hydrotherapy treatments, at virtually no cost. You’ll also receive my ebook  RE-SET! The Hannah Viviers’ Complete Body Detox Handbook. 

The VIP Premium Detox Package – R3900:      Includes a 2 hour consultation to go through the detox program,  (Home Visit for Jo’burg residents), detox kit, already prepared detox enema for 7 treatments, training on how to use the kit for the detox enema, as well as training on how to administer your own hydrotherapy treatments. Hydrotherapy treatments are used to cleanse the colon and cost an average of R750 per treatment. With this package you’ll also be able to administer your own hydrotherapy treatments, at virtually no cost. In the Premium Detox Package you also receive supplements required for the program, an easy to use file with your day to day eating plan along with recipes for each meal. For the Premium Package I do most of the work for you, you just have to follow the plan. I’ve made following the plan in the Premium Package SO easy you can start your detox the day you get your kit. For Premium Package Clients residing in Jo’burg, should you wish for the consultation to be done in the comfort of your home I come to you, at no cost. Premium Clients also receive one complementary consult each week through the 30 day detox program. You’ll also receive my ebook  RE-SET! The Hannah Viviers’ Complete Body Detox Handbook. 

This detox program is not recommended for pregnant or breastfeeding moms.

I AM NOT A DOCTOR. The recommendations provided are never to replace medical advice. Recommendations provided in my detox program and all accompanying material are intended ONLY as information and education and should NOT be taken as medical advice. If you’re seeking diagnoses, treatment, help and treatment for specific illnesses (medical conditions) please consult relevant health practitioners, be it a qualified natural medicine doctor (and other qualified nutrition therapists), doctor or equivalent health professional. I do not accept liability for those who choose to use my detox program and related material provided therein. Disclamer


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On Dreaming too small


We were NEVER meant to scrape by through life.

If there’s more stress than joy in your marriage, You’re scraping by

If there’s more panic than abundance in your finances, You’re scraping by

If there’s more sickness than health in your life, You’re scraping by

If, for whatever reason, the amount of anxiety far exceeds the amount of joy You experience every day- You. Are. Scraping. by!

These are hard things for me to say because I never ever want people to feel condemned by me- but this is not a condemnation. This is a call for us to demand more from life than what we’re getting!

To demand from ourselves MORE than what we’ve settled for!

And to receive more from our God who’s already given but- Why on earth aren’t we receiving?

Yesterday I heard someone say, “God is tired of You shouting over things You’re not possessing”.

There was a time this year I got SO tired of it myself that I yelled: “God I’m tired of scraping! I’m TIRED of shouting over Your goodness, and Your abundance and STILL scraping by!”

I asked God to help me get out of the constant scraping.

He’s been faithful.

It hasn’t been a once-off download but He’s been showing me some powerful things.

If You’re in a similar space- that place where you’re so tired of “almost” making it- exhausted with scraping by in an area of your life where You know it can be loads better- then, from what I’ve learned and experienced, the very first step is to decide the “scraping” stops now.

Before that decision is made nothing else can be done to change your situation.

You may do a number of things- but You probably already have, and still You end up at the same place.

Making that decision is vital.

When You do, at first, nothing changes.

When you make the decision You may feel utterly stupid because everything will seem the same, at first.

But it won’t be!

A MASSIVE shift will happen in the atmosphere.

If you’ve come to”accept” where You are- if for whatever reason You’ve made “peace” with it- if You’re still asking God if this “scraping” is His will or given room to the idea that God’s teaching You something through this- then maybe You’re not ready just yet.

There has to be a rage at your current situation-

and an absolute conviction in Your heart that this is NOT how things are meant to be.

Once You decide that You WILL have more. That decision brings about a powerful shift.

When that shift happens, things on the inside of you start shifting as well- it’s a process but one that leads You to what You’re meant to have.

Most of us pin our problems on God- thinking He’s the one to fix our issues.

But, The power to make the shift between scraping by and living the dream has been given to us!

Most of us are dreaming far too small.

We’re settling for far to little.

Isn’t there a part of You that’s tired of shouting over things You’re not Possessing?


Hannah Viviers is the Creator and Host of the Dream BIG TV Show

YOU can STOP the beggar mentality!

No Food for Lazy Man is a Non-Profit organisation founded by extreme Adventurer, Riaan Manser, to provide disadvantaged children with a sporting chance at a brighter future.
No Food for Lazy Man is a Non-Profit organisation founded by extreme Adventurer, Riaan Manser, to provide disadvantaged children with a sporting chance at a brighter future.


Years ago I interviewed a top Government official from the Eritrean Government. Eritrea had just passed legislation that stopped free aid to its country.

I was horrified!

How could such a poor country stop aid that was “helping” its people!

“This free aid is not helping our people!” The Government official said to me.

“We’re not stopping aid completely. But, what we have said to aid organisations is we want our people to WORK in exchange for what they receive.”

At the time I didn’t understand this official- but today- how I wish more government officials all over the world stood for this principle.

We live in a world that encourages poverty, feeds it and perpetuates it.

We think it’s benevolent- No, it’s evil.

Few traffic lights in South Africa are void of beggars. They’re multiplying every day because people think it’s kind to give them money-

I’d gone to the labour office the other day- when I got to my car it’d been washed super clean.

The young man who’d washed it was still cleaning my tyres- I didn’t have money with me and said to him, “Thank You so much my car really needed that wash! But my brother you should’ve asked me. You’ve done such a great job! But I don’t have money to pay you!”

“It’s ok ma’am,” the young man said. And he told me he still wanted to finish cleaning my tyres.

I could’ve cried at his diligence!

I couldn’t leave without paying for his great service. I searched every nook and cranny of my bag and car- I gathered everything I had, but still it wasn’t enough.

I didn’t forget that young man. I knew I’d be back at the labour office and I’d pay him properly for washing my car.

The following week I was back. I back paid him for the previous wash. He was eager to wash the car again- this time I’d come prepared to properly pay for his service…

That young man could easily stand on the side of the road and beg- but in the face of limited employment opportunities he has created work for himself.

We might say, “Yeah, but not everyone’s like that!” But I bet you that everyone would be if

we didn’t feed them for FREE!

I know a lot of people dislike car guards. But from my experience, I think it’s honourable that those men and women choose to work for money rather than beg- or steal.

Not all of them are great- but many of the car guards I’ve experienced are fantastic! They provide a service which essentially is work.

It might be work some don’t appreciate, but it’s work nevertheless.

It beats standing on the side of the road and having other people give you money for nothing!

Go to any other African country and it’s rare to find a beggar- because for the most part, people in those countries are struggling and work insanely hard to put food on the table every day-

they have no time or tolerance for someone who won’t do the same.

We’re told that beggars hire children, or sometimes even use their own, to sit in the scorching heat all day- so You and I can feel sorry for them because of that child they’ve dragged out to use as a begging prop for our pity. And we fund and reward that kind of behaviour! It’s criminal what we’re doing!

My mom once offered domestic employment to a woman she often saw begging on the side of the road. The woman wasn’t even a tad keen to hear what my mom would pay her- she simply answered that she was getting more money begging.

I don’t, for one minute, believe that there are “no jobs” and that’s why people beg.

That’s nonsense!

If a person can beg, they can get themselves to a mall and find a job in a store or they can wait tables- a job my brothers and I did for many years-

Beggars beg because they’d rather do that than work. It’s a choice they make. And one we support by giving them money!

We have young girls in our society, breeding when they have no way of supporting their children, because they receive a few free hundred rands in child grants.

I say “breeding” because that’s what Governments degrade our young girls to when they fund them to have children they shouldn’t be having!

But it’s “politically incorrect” to say these things!

And it’s only a “very privileged somebody” who’s never suffered who would say such dreadful things!

Political correctness is killing our economy and stifling young people’s potential for greatness.

If young mothers had to do some kind of public service for the money they receive it’s almost guaranteed they wouldn’t want to have children for the sake of getting those grants.

Our Public Hospitals for instance, desperately needs extra hands- those young mothers use the public health care system, for virtually no pay, plus they receive grants- the least they can do is serve there for the money they receive!

But no! We can’t do that!

The social grants increase every year, and as they rise so do poverty levels.

I was surprised to hear that in the US there are young girls there who do the same- because the State will give them a few dollars for their children.

The UK is also notorious for giving people who refuse to work benefits that people who work pay for!

If we scrapped child grants, children wouldn’t starve- their mothers would work! AND they would be very mindful of having more children they can’t support!

Instead of child grants, how about we provide free (or very affordable), proper, child care so moms can work, and healthy meals are provided for those children at the day care centres?

Not a cent should go to the mom!

Instead, child grants would all go to kids receiving great foundational education at those child care centres I mentioned, where they’d be safe and well fed.

If we really “cared for the children” wouldn’t this be a better option than dishing out money to a person not mature enough to realise that you don’t bring a child into this world so that YOU can get a few bucks!

The only money she should ever get is money she earns.

For the longest time I have believed that Governments that run countries with high levels of poverty WANT it this way.

My mentor Sandi Krakowski, who lives in the States’, which is also notorious for keeping certain parts of the population poor, put it brilliantly by saying,

“The Government wants to keep you stupid and poor so you’re easier to control!”

And that’s a fact!

Some may say, oh that Sandi is a privileged someone who doesn’t know what it’s like to be poor.

If anyone has a right to whine about the raw deal she got in life it’s this incredible woman.

She was molested as a child, gang raped in her early twenties, at one point was a single mommy with a small child she had no idea how she’d feed-

Yet she is the same person who says, “Your story doesn’t give you the right to whine!”

Sandi said she could’ve gotten on welfare to support her little boy- but she knew that once she got into that system, she might never have gotten out of it because she believed welfare was designed to keep people poor.

Sandi is now a multi-millionaire business woman whose won various accolades for being one of the most influential people in Social Media.

I remember interviewing extreme adventurer Riaan Manser and him sharing about his work in underprivileged schools.

He told me how poor the areas he worked in were. And yet he said he would tell the kids, “I know it feels you don’t have a choice, but You do. You can come to school on time. You can keep your uniform tidy- you can work hard…”

He went on to say that the changes they see in these schools are remarkable, as he motivates these young men and women in some of the most impoverished parts of South Africa.

No person of integrity ever gets rich without hard work.

If you want a nice a car, nice house, great education for your kids- it will never come from a handout. People who have these things work very hard for them.

There was time in my childhood when we were poor.

My parents, two brothers and I lived in a one bed-roomed apartment. We all slept on one mattress. We would wash Styrofoam bases we’d bought food on and use them as dishes.

I remember once being so hungry I couldn’t get up from bed.

Eventually my mom started selling doilies which she would put out on the ground outside a mall- she started that business with R70 and built it to the point where she was able to help my dad give us a decent life.

My brothers and I grew up helping out in that little business.

I remember my little brothers doing work that was way beyond their years- but it prepared them for the incredible hard workers they are now.

I put myself through school.

I went to college in the day and waited tables at night.

I worked my butt off in college so I could get scholarships and bursaries, which I did.

After finishing high school my one brother left home when he was 16 in the hope of finding work in another province.

My other brother followed him shortly after.

They started slogging away at restaurants, it was hard going for them- but they never moved back home because they were determined to support themselves.

My brothers didn’t have anyone pay for their education- they found work and through that work they’ve received all the training and qualifications they now have.

Few have had it easy in this life. We all have stories.

Through my work at Dream BIG I’ve encountered people who had such raw deals from life that would make most of us crumble.

Among them my dear friend Sihle Magubane who lost his mom at 16. She was his only caregiver. At 16, young Sihle had to find a way to bury his mom, which meant him paying for her funeral.

He worked three jobs- went to school and raised his two younger siblings.

Sihle has never, not once in his life, been given a handout.

Today he owns South Africa’s very first individually black-owned Coffee Brand, Sihle’s Brew. He recently opened his Coffee Shop, ‘Coffee Time by Sihle’s Brew’, a dream he’d had for years…

Sihle is not the only one.

There are thousands of stories just like his.

Another woman I came across through Dream BIG came from one of the most impoverished rural areas of our country.

She lived in a two bedroom house with seven family members.

Her desire to build her parents a better home and improve the lives of her siblings led to her starting a cleaning company in which she manufactures her own soap. She now has hundreds of people on her staff!

No one “gave” that to her. She is a self-made entrepreneur!

We are stifling this kind of potential by perpetuating a “get it for free” mentality.

NOTHING is for free. There’s always someone footing the bill.

On one hand tax payers have to pay, on the other, the people receiving the free money stay poor because free money will never create wealth- it’s always temporary and never enough.

We might not be able to change the laws that are perpetuating poverty just yet but we can start the change by refusing to fund a beggar mentality.

Beggars won’t starve. They’ll find work- and they’ll eat.


Hannah Viviers is the Creator and Host of the Dream BIG TV Show

Not just a dance

By Tertia Butler

When I was younger I started dance classes. I enjoyed it so much that my mom said I could join an extra class for competitions.


At the time, my family was struggling financially so it was hard for my parents to support my dancing. My amazing Aunt stepped in to ensure I could pursue my love for dance.

For me dancing was a way for me to escape my reality

It was a place that made me feel powerful and strong.

I got to wear some stunning costumes, full on make up and nail polish.

Basically, dancing  it made me feel like I was pretty and I always looked stunning. 
Basically, dancing  made me feel like I was pretty and I always looked stunning.

Dancing also made me feel really good about myself. It was my passion!

I lived and breathed it!

Dancing was an act, a performance,  a show. I could be anything I wanted to be and it was accepted.


I had a knee injury during high school and had to leave dancing.

I was devastated as I missed out on the opportunity to compete overseas, represent South Africa and get  my National colours.

When I was older I worked at an aftercare centre.

I fell pregnant and resigned from the centre due to complications with my pregnancy.

After my son was born the Centre’s owner asked me if I would be interested in teaching dance there. I jumped at the opportunity and started my own studio.

At the time I didn’t feel that I would be able to do it as I’d never made it into any Championship levels, or even completed a teachers’ certificate.

I didn’t feel I was a very strong dancer.

After a few months of teaching I realised that I was much better at teaching than actually dancing.

At every competition my students participated in, they were placed. From 1st place to 6th place.

This made me feel very good

My studio began to receive recognition from other studios- even from my old dance teacher who I’d always felt didn’t think I was good enough.

After 4 years of teaching I fell pregnant again.

Again, complications with my pregnancy arose.

My placenta tore and I was ordered to strict bed rest for my entire pregnancy.

I was forced to close down my studio.

It’s years later since then, but

I never lost that burning desire to dance.

I’ve been feeling God pulling me into Praise and Worship dancing.

Earlier this year I was asked to speak at The Beautiful Series Event.

In preparation for my talk I wrote down my story.

In it I spoke of how I’d been molested as a child. And how God, and the love of my husband, had healed me and restored my once very poor image of myself.

As I wrote my testimony, it struck me! I hadn’t realised what I’d gone through, and where I was, until after I’d actually put it all on paper.

Before I was to speak at The Beautiful Series Event, I attended a women’s camp on the weekend of July 29.

I had just finished writing my testimony for The Beautiful Series.

During supper at camp everyone was discussing what they were getting out of the weekend. Somehow I ended up saying that I was going to share my testimony at the upcoming Beautiful Series Event.

As the words were coming out of my mouth, I realised that God had set me free from all my bondage!

As I was sharing with the ladies at camp,  I felt a sense of relief and freedom that I’d never felt before!

I realised that God had broken the chains that had been holding me back!

During that evening’s session at camp, I found myself saying:

“Wow God, I’m free!”

I kind of laughed about it as I realised that I had been free for a while I just hadn’t known I was.

I was like:

“Wow God! You actually did it!”

I was in disbelief that He would love me enough to do this for me.

I started to look around and I saw so many broken people.

I said to myself that their breakthrough would come.

I sat there and said to God “I can’t believe I am free! Now what Lord? I’m free… Where do I go from here?”

There was a lady singing a Prophetic Word over a woman a few seats behind me.

I jokingly said to God, I wish she would sing over me.

A second after I’d just whispered that to God the singing woman said: “The lady wearing glasses over there, in black…”

I kind of looked around and realised- oh wait she’s talking to me!


She began to sing these words over me:

Anointing your feet tonight with fresh oils, because when you dance the heavenlies grounds shake. As it brings glory and honour to My Name. It brings honour and glory to My Name.

“So never let negativity or depression or opinions of man keep you from dancing my daughter, dance your heart out,  dance, dance, dance, dance, dance your heart out!  Dance, dance, dance your heart out.

“It moves Me so, it blesses Me so. You are My daughter you are a beautiful fragrance.

“You will be in places where there is depression and you will dance and my joy will fill the atmosphere.

“I am calling you to a new place of obedience.

“You will have the umption to dance.

“Daughter just dance and you will see what I will do through you.  “Mountains will shake, deserts will break open into spring.

“It’s a new season of obedience.

“Even if you don’t understand just dance and dance and you will see what I will do through you.”

I was in tears.

I couldn’t believe God loved me enough to answer me so quickly!

He knew how passionate I was about dancing! How I loved Praise and Worship dancing!

But I still had a question: Should I do anything about it now?

Then the most amazing thing happened: Hannah Viviers, from The Beautiful Series Event asked if I would be interested in doing a dance for her upcoming event on February 4, 2017!

I was totally blown away by God’s plan!

And how He was putting things into motion for me!

Hannah went on to tell me that she’d actually wanted to ask me to dance way before the first Beautiful Series Event- but God’s timing is perfect. He needed me to first hear His Prophetic Word over me.

He is calling me to a new place of obedience and I can’t wait to see what He has in store for me.

Tertia Butler is a wife, Rocker mom of two, writer and entrepreneur- She’ll be dancing at The Beautiful Series Event on Feb 4, 2017.

Tertia speaking at the Launch of The Beautiful Series Event, October 1, 2016


Why not NOW?

Patience is better than pride

By Duduzile Ndlovu


A long time ago, it could be two decades ago, teenage me read a devotional that asked me to choose if I wanted to be Joseph or Samson.

Joseph had a dream; he saw his future and was so excited that he told his brothers about it.

His father saw his future too and made him a beautiful coat.

He lost the coat when his brothers sold him into slavery.

He lost another coat he had as head servant in Potiphar’s house.

Joseph seemed to be going down down down and not up up up. Yet when his time came, his name was mentioned to the right person at the right time and overnight Joseph became second only to the king.

 Samson’s life on the other hand…

did not end on a high note like Joseph’s.

Samson had the gift and strength but he didn’t have the character to sustain it.

Although his life ended with him killing many Philistines, one can’t help but wonder what could have been.

What could we be reading about Samson had he listened to his parents and not married a Philistine?

What could have been, had Samson learnt to buffet his body in order to gain the kingdom?

So I decided I wanted to be a Joseph.

I wanted a good ending.

I wanted to go through the process and carry God’s glory well.

Fast-forward to this year…

There’s a big project I’ve been working on.

My plan was to finish it this year.

I grew impatient with myself- the process was taking too long!

Then God led me to this Scripture:

“The end of a matter is better than its beginning,

and patience is better than pride.”

Ecclesiastes 7:8

 I didn’t like it. Especially that last bit- “…patience is better than pride” –  it got me.

But still I thought: I’m ok God. Can we get back to talking about me finishing this project?

It took me the whole year to complete only a tiny bit  of work that I could have done overnight because I didn’t want to let God talk about my pride.

It would be so easy for God to answer my prayer to just finish but He is always interested not in the outward things but He looks at the heart (1 Samuel 6:17).

We need to trust in the process.

God takes us through even when everything seems to be going against the vision we have and every prophetic word we received.

Like Joseph you might be going down, down down! Yet in that going down, God was laying,  in Joseph’s heart, the foundation- the capacity for Joseph to represent Him well when he got to be second in command to Pharaoh in Egypt.

Why the process?

I spent some of my childhood years in a new township.

I got to see what happens when people prepare the ground to build a house.

First the area on which the house is to be built is measured and marked out.

The external walls and every division inside the house are marked as well.

There’s an outline of the house where you can see how many rooms the house will have, where the bathroom, kitchen and bedrooms will be…

Once the outline has been marked out, then the digging begins.

The builders dig a foundation for the house along the outline that had been drawn and pour concrete into it.

The higher the building, the deeper the foundation must be. 

They wait for the concrete to set before building the walls of the house, adding a floor, and the roof.

Recently as we were praying God reminded me of this picture-

My heart was a construction site.

The Bible says out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks (Matthew 12:34b).

Guard your heart with all diligence for out of it flow the issues of life (Proverbs 4:23).

Our hearts are central to who we are and that is where God is laying the foundation for our lives.

We are ambassadors of God’s Kingdom.

In our own unique way we are temples of the Holy Spirit.

We are designed to carry God’s glory and to represent Him well.

Sometimes God will show us a glimpse of who He’s calling us to be.

Maybe you’ve seen the outline of the house God has designed you to be.

You’ve seen exactly where each room will be and the layout of the house… but you’ve only seen the outline.

We might get confused when God starts digging because it feels like we’re coming undone.

The building should be going up but our lives look messy, dusty and seem to be falling apart.

The vision is for an appointed time. It will speak and not lie. (Habakkuk 2:3).

Stay with the process.

Let God dig out the things you have that will cloud His glory.

God is digging a foundation that will carry the house that He is calling us to be.

We all have different platforms and some people are entrusted with one talent, two talents or five talents.

Imagine being entrusted to represent God to millions, a worldwide audience. When your house is built and so many are looking up to you, You want to carry His glory and represent Him well.

You do not want to fail.

Yes God is already proud of us.

Jesus already did everything for us to be everything God has called us to be.

Yet He also calls us to steward the talents He’s entrusted to us (Matthew 25:14-30).

We want to be like the three Hebrew boys who were thrown into the fire but came out without, even, the smell of fire on them! (Daniel 3:27).

We are all enthusiastic and raring to go when we get the vision.

But God is interested in us also finishing well.

To finish well,  patience is better than pride.

We have to allow the process God is taking us through.

Allow the foundation to take root and to set.

Then the building begins to take shape.

We can be like Joseph who was betrayed by his brothers, wrongly accused, jailed and forgotten by someone who owed him a favor.

When he got to the platform God had called him to, he didn’t carry any bitterness. He was able to see the process for what it was.

Joseph represented God well.

His end was better than his beginning!

Duduzile Ndlovu is a Passionate Lover of Life, Researcher, Mom and Wife. 

Duduzile Ndlovu


Celebrating yoU!

Saturday, October 1, 11am…

The launch of The Beautiful Series Event was finally here!

It begun with a lot of panic!

On my part.

The day we’d been waiting for all this time was here- just minutes before guests were to arrive for The Beautiful Series Event, I’d only managed to get three platters of food served- we needed at least 19 more on the tables!

Gifts for the guests were still beautifully wrapped in the box they’d come in- they still needed items placed in them and set out on the tables for each guest…

Glasses were still packed away- so were the jugs…

Guests start arriving and our table-seating plans are out the window because I’m busy trying to sort out sound and visuals because the technical problems are just not getting resolved- oh yeah we have tons of food made but we still need to get it onto the platters and on the tables…

My friend Antonette has manged to do the impossible so far- we have glorious flowers beautifully decorated on the tables- oh! also, she’s had to RE-ARRANGE the tables all by herself because the way we’d set them the day before has now had to change too. Because of the technical difficulties, we’ve had to improvise a new stage to accommodate the projector- meaning that what we’d arranged as our front, where the speakers would be, is now the back…

Some ladies are calling on my phone, frantic because they’re lost- their gpses are taking them to places other than where they should be- so while trying to do sound and visuals; food; organise some help for my friend Antonette who’s doing a million things at once- we’re trying to direct people to the venue-

It sounds like chaos right?

BUT. Then magic happens.

The first guests start to trickle in- the moment they arrive- purses down- they roll up sleeves and ask- How can we help?

Zaar and Lisa, I’ll never forget how you two just plunged in and helped

My friend Linnette Durant walked in- did the same- there she was packing gifts along with Ashika Ramparsad and Nicolet Britz.

Sisanda comes along- she’s on the verge of KILLING me because, why on earth didn’t I tell her I needed help! She scolds me. She and her friend Viwe jump into the kitchen- get the rest of the platters plated- at this point Linnette has just finished with ensuring all the gifts look gorgeous and on the tables- she rushes off to the kitchen to help Sisanda and Viwe…

I can’t even say how many other women jumped in to help- because as I was whizzing to and fro- I could just see a buzz of activity- the buzz included women whose faces I didn’t even know just giving of themselves wherever we needed the help.

Even after the event- women were still helping us, among them Eyram Ayayee and Maggie Dyer who helped clean up and pack away.

Even after everything she’d already done, Antonette was still grafting after the event- where she got all that strength is just astounding.

That’s me, making an attempt to thank my dearest friend Antonette

Here’s the thing- I COMPLETELY underestimated what it’d take to serve the number of guests we had! Now. I. Know!

We’re already planning for our next event- you can be sure we’ll have a lot more hands on deck this time round!

Shoooo! By the time we needed to start the event, the venue looked glorious and so very beautiful.

Each table had food platters and beverages, (again prepared by Antonette) of gorgeous lemon and mint iced water as well fruit juice.

I opened the event – after we prayed, acknowledging that this was all about Jesus- my dear friend Dudu came up and delivered her powerful Poem Lift Up Your Eyes.

Dudu reciting "Lift up Your eyes"
Dudu reciting  her poem “Lift up Your eyes”

Even now I’m still tearing up when I think of her delivery because what a beautiful mix of women we were at this event- we all had our various pasts, our different destinies our unique stories- yet there we were- called for a time such as this- all of us connected by our DaddyGod-

I thought of all those beautiful hands that were active in making the event happen- I told Dudu later that by the time she’d reached the part in her poem that said, “Look at the woman on your other side…” I was finished! Just blown away!

Completely overwhelmed by Daddy’s Love and the connection He’s calling us to as sisters.

Yes our callings are so very specific to each one of us- but we’re not meant to walk these roads alone.

I saw that for myself on Saturday.

After Dudu,

Ms Iris Cupido spoke and set the house on FIRE!

Wow that was amazing!

Iris Cupido
Iris Cupido

I can’t even say what Iris’ talk did or what it entailed- that you had to be there to experience.

Tertia’s Story

Then Tertia Butler shared her story- Tertia I’ve received messages from women, who, through your story, have been inspired to do more with the gifts God’s given them. Some of them say you’ve given them courage to tell their own stories of sexual abuse in the hope that they can inspire others like you did them.

Tertia on breaking free from “Labels”


And these are not the only testimonies we’ve received- it’s been overwhelming that the bulk of feedback we’re getting isn’t just, “Oh thank you that was inspiring”. It’s more than that- women are telling us very specific things they are going to do now- things they’ve wanted to do for years but kept putting off- now they’re not just thinking and talking about them- they’re doing it!

What it means…

To get such feedback has meant a lot to my husband and I. Because while I’ve been working on the front-lines of organising this event, he’s been my go-to person for everything that ended up coming to fruition.

So for us to hear that the impact was not only profound but effected actual, tangible, change testifies that this is indeed supernatural and therefore God.


Even now, days later, the song Tertia played in her talk, Family Tree by Matthew West is still on repeat in my head.

I love it because it’s reminding me over and over that God’s given me everything I need to create a legacy for my family- for my children- and for the women of this generation-

Like the song says, my yesterday doesn’t define me- what I’m doing now- what you’re doing now- that’s what matters.

After Tertia spoke we had a short break in which Nicolet and Sisanda rushed out to do a before and after look for Niolet’s make-up make-over of Sisanda.


Olivia, who’d been taking pics of the event joined Nicolet and Sisanda to capture the before and after look. That was fun- thanks to the three of you for making it happen.

God’s Provision

Then Stella sung I know the Lord God will make a way… for me.


I grew up hearing and singing that song- but at the event it had such deeper meaning for me…

Just three months ago all this event was, was a desire in my heart.

The moment I felt I needed to start The Beautiful Series Event, I did.

I had virtually no money to do this- didn’t have the expertise needed to organise something like this- nor the help to do it- but I didn’t ask questions- I knew it was God and I just started. How it’d pan out I was leaving to Him. I was just going to do what was required of me.

God is faithful. So faithful. And He did make a beautiful way for me- which ended up blessing other women too.

That story of the fishes and the loaves- I pray we’d believe that miracle for us.

God doesn’t care how small it is- He just asks, Will you give it? Will you trust Me to make it more?

Ashika’s Story

Then Ashika Ramparsad shared her story- oh my dear sister!

Now remember this was not the first time I'd heard Ashika tell her story- she'd told it to my husband and I twice before already.
Now remember this was not the first time I’d heard Ashika tell her story- she’d told it to my husband and I twice before already.

Also, as I was prepping for the event she’d given it to me to go through again and I’d read it- but to see her up there, speaking- telling us where she’d been- what she’d survived- how she now lives: not a victim but a victor! That blessed and challenged me so very deeply.

I know God will open more doors for her to share her story- because it’s so needed!

Our hearts!

Then my Booh shared about the heart.

Thank You to everyone who's written to me since specifically mentioning how my husband Rico's talk blessed you.
Thank You to everyone who’s written to me since specifically mentioning how my husband Rico’s talk blessed you.

He’d felt he hadn’t reached anyone with what he’d shared on Saturday.

Other than the feedback we’ve received from ladies who were blessed by his talk, Rico’s teaching is what everything that was shared Saturday hinges on- the condition of our hearts.

Come to think of it, when I think of every miracle Jesus did- he didn’t just heal- He had to deal with the condition of hearts. Whether it was of those around Him or of the people who needed a miracle.

The most important breakthrough to happen for me this year has come from Rico counselling me on my heart and showing me why I’ve failed in the past and how I can steer away from failure.

Breaking that pattern of self-destruction and self-sabotage has empowered me to achieve things I’ve struggled to make happen for years!

Now when I’m about to fall back into that trap that results in failure again, I hear my husband’s voice asking- Where is this coming from? And I confront those lies that have crippled me before and stand on God’s truth that I am delivered and healed and that my portion is to succeed not fail.

There is still so much growing, healing and learning that needs to happen in my own life- but I can truly say that I am not the same person today as I was three months ago when I started The Beautiful Series Event.

My heart has changed- and is changing more every day.

May we, as Ric shared and The Scriptures teach, guard our hearts with diligence because truly- out of it flow the issues of life.

YOU made it happen!

Olivia Sambo and Machtild Brenholc
Olivia Sambo and Machtild Brenholc

This event would not exist if it weren’t for every woman who has connected with us through this process and joined this Beautiful Movement.

I see all your faces.

I pray for you.

I’m excited for what God’s doing in each of you and I urge you to go for your dreams and pursue the things God has set on your heart.

What Now?

Our next event is on Feb 4, 2017. The theme is ‘Celebrating You’.

I am beyond excited because no longer are we to fall prey to false definitions of beauty.

Where was everyone when God said to each of us “YOU are fearfully and WONDERFULLY made.” ?

Yet here most of us are yearning for something different, buckling under the pressure to be this or that- asking for lights out when those moments of intimacy come- NO MORE! Come Feb 4, We’re Celebrating YOU!

Divorced? You are no less than you were married, We’re celebrating You.

Single? You are no less spectacular than your married buddies, We’re celebrating You.

Struggling financially? You’re no less valuable than the woman in the corner office and the big fancy house, We’re celebrating You.

Told you might never have kids- you are NO less a woman! We’re celebrating You.

Down and depressed and don’t know what life has in store for you, We’re celebrating YOU baby!

God celebrates You every moment He lives. You have got to join Him in celebrating YOU!

So that’s Feb 4.

I’ll be sending some more info soon.

Watch this page!



P.S. Here’s that song I mentioned earlier, Family Tree by Matthew West