Client Testimonials:

“I received two treatments so far and it was relaxation galore! Professional and amazing. A definite must go!”   – Christen

“I had the pleasure of receiving a foot massage from Hannah last year during the Festive Season. It was the most relaxing experience. I literally felt as if my tired and sore feet were being kissed and caressed by angels. I had the most sound sleep thereafter. This was something I really needed at that time. If you haven’t had a taste of this massaging experience what are you waiting for.  Your feet and your whole body will thank you for it.”   – Mercy

When was the last time You treated Yourself to a healing, de-stressing massage?

Massage therapies are an ancient healing technique used for centuries by various cultures all over the world.

At our spa we use various massage therapies, not only for their wonderfully de-stressing abilities, but to further encourage healing and detoxification.

Available Massage Therapies:

Foot Massage – R120

Foot and Leg Massage – R150

Hand Massage – R80

Hand and Arm – R130

Full Body Massage – R480

Hot Stone Massage – R520

Beauty Treatments:


Full facial cleanse, gentle exfoliation and hydration: (includes de-stressing face massage) – R320

Pedicure (includes leg and foot massage): R360

Manicure (includes arm and hand massage): R360

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