Are you ready for your Launch?

It’s just days to go before October 7 is here! And our Birthday Bash for The Beautiful Series takes place.

I am so excited! And if you’re joining us next week you have every right to be excited too because it’s going to be epic!

Dr Duduzile Ndlovu, our Keynote Speaker for the upcoming October 7 event visited with me last week- she told me that as she and her husband were praying for the event, she saw a rocket launching.

She said,

“I know it’s going to be The Beautiful Series’ first year birthday celebration- but I saw

“a rocket launching!”

What she was sharing with me made absolute sense.

Because months ago I’d already begun to sense that October 7 was going to be Profound – like nothing we’d experienced before-

It was as though all the three events we’d had so far were in preparation for God “launching” us into something come October 7- not just for the event itself but more so for each one of us, personally.

I am so tempted to water all this down- because stuff like this tends to scare people.

But I feel I must tell You to 

get ready for Your launch.

Your launch will be different to mine- mine will differ from the lady who’ll be sitting next to me- It’ll be different for each woman- but for each of us an epic experience awaits.

We have a powerful line-up of speakers:

Businesswoman, CEO and Founder of eyeSlices Kerryne Krause-Neufeldt


Radio Personality and Motivational Speaker Puledi Thepa


Keynote Speaker Dr Duduzile Ndlovu

And we have spoils…

Each lady will receive a gift worth R200 from eyeSlices- talk about Gorgeous-  and of course what would a High Tea be without scrumptious eats! We’ll be treated to a High Tea culinary feast from the highly acclaimed Tintswalo at Waterfall chefs.


September 30 will be the last day to purchase tickets. 

For details on how to purchase tickets click Here or contact us at


Reminder of Event Details:

Much Love,


What do you want?

The following was written by Duduzile Ndlovu (Dudu)


What do you want?

A two year old is very good at answering that question, but, as we get older we learn to share and think about others first.

Recently, someone reminded me of the J.O.Y. abbreviation as a mantra to live by.

Jesus first,

Others Second,

Yourself last.

It’s good to live this way but sometimes we completely forget about ourselves. We are never on the list.

Don’t get me wrong, I know there are some self-centered people who might benefit from thinking of others first- but for a lot of us, life taught us:

“Wait Your turn.”

More so if we grew up with siblings- then this lesson probably came much earlier on.

This is a good thing when we live in a community: to share, wait our turn, and think about others.

However, today I’d like to challenge you to turn that J.O.Y. acronym around;  because that is what I found in scripture.

“And you shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your mind, and with all your strength.’ This is the first commandment.  And the second, like it, is this: ‘You shall love your neighbor as yourself.’ There is no other commandment greater than these.”

Mark 12:30-31 (NKJV)

Jesus said the two great commandments were:

1. Love God with all our heart, soul, mind and strength.

2. Love your neighbor as yourself.

I know we are not under law but under grace. It is the grace of God that enables us to live according to God’s Word. The first of the two great commandments is deep.

Don’t you find it amazing that the two great commandments have to do with love?

Before I digress I really want to talk about the second great commandment: Love your neighbor as yourself.

How do you measure that you are doing this Scripture right?

When you know how much you love yourself you will know how much to love your neighbor.

So I’d like to challenge you to love yourself today by asking you to focus on You.

Like a two year old, answer the question, What do I want?

I went to a workshop run by a friend of mine where she asked this very question.

The workshop is called How to create my best future? The one I want for me, my family etc…

One of the cornerstones of this workshop (which I highly recommend) is the answer to the question; What do I want?

The best way to answer that is to put yourself in the shoes of a two year old.

A two year old doesn’t care about time, budgets or feasibility; he only cares about what he wants.

I Skyped home from Sweden earlier this year and my two year old asked me: “Mommy where are you?”

I told him I was in Sweden.

The next thing he said was “I want to come to you”.

Simply put he answered the question that asked what he wanted.

He didn’t care about what it took to get to Sweden, a flight, visa etc, all he wanted was to be where his mommy was.

Here is your challenge: Sit down and answer the question:

What do I want- for me?

Don’t worry about how, where or when. Just answer the question.

Jesus asked someone a question very similar to this and the guy (in my opinion) failed dismally in his answer. Don’t be like that guy.

When Jesus saw him lying there, and knew that he already had been in that condition a long time, He said to him, “Do you want to be made well?”

The sick man answered Him, “Sir, I have no man to put me into the pool when the water is stirred up; but while I am coming, another steps down before me.”

Jesus said to him, “Rise, take up your bed and walk.” And immediately the man was made well, took up his bed, and walked.

–         John 5:6-8 NKJV

The question Jesus asked was Do you want to be healed?

Instead of telling Jesus: Yes! I want to be healed! This man looked at why he couldn’t get healed.

Don’t fall into that trap.

I’ve wondered why Jesus asked such an obvious question.

The guy obviously looked unwell.

He was at this pool because he wanted to be healed.

Surely Jesus could put two and two together and realize that this man was there because he wanted to be healed.

The Bible tells us that Jesus knew what people around Him were thinking.

I wonder if this wasn’t the case here; that Jesus knew what this guy was thinking.

Jesus knew the answer but wanted to push this man toward the important issue.

Don’t let the challenge cloud the goal.

Keep the goal at the forefront and you’ll find there are many other ways to get there.

The important question, in that moment, for this man was: What do you want?

He wanted to be healed.

And guess what- his healing came in the form of a command:

Rise, take up your bed and walk.

Don’t you find it amazing that Jesus asks a man who is waiting to be picked up and helped into the pool, to rise up?

Is it possible that we are waiting for a man to do what God is expecting us to do?

I want to help us move away from looking to man to focusing on the main thing.

This guy wanted healing and he got healing, not in the way he had fixed his eyes on.

So here is the big question for you: What do you want?

What do you want out of your life? What do you want out of your relationships? What do you want out of your job?

Don’t think about how or when at this point just answer the question:

What do I want?

Here is a tip for you, the first part of the answer is I want…

This should make your job easy- you have half of your answer already.

List all your wants beginning with that.

I want to be happy. I want to make a difference. I want to change my life. I want to study. I want more money. I want to be healthy. I want to get married. I want to have a baby.

If you find yourself thinking about why you don’t have what you want, you’ve failed.

Focus only on what you want.

I’ll be speaking at The Beautiful Series Women’s Conference on Saturday 7th October.

Come and hear what comes after you answer that simple and straight forward question.

I’ll be talking about how we Get on with it!

How we get on with the life we want.

How we move forward after answering that question.

Much love,



Bio: My bio should probably read “Dudu recently completed a PhD yada yada…” But with that bio I’ve found myself feeling deflated after I hear people’s achievements announced with headlines such as: “Youngest woman to achieve a PhD in Southern Africa.” So I realized that I needed to have the last say in how the story of my life would be told- and this is how I tell it: How I got married (stayed married), completed an MA, breastfed two babies and will be graduating with a PhD in the space of nine years.

The how is Grace! Grace! Grace!

Never ever give up your power to tell your own story; You have the final say.

If You would like to join us on October 7 email

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Do You have an Ugly You’re fighting?

Most of us have been through something that made us feel ugly.

A break-up, an abuse, a loss, poverty, disappointment, depression, all manners of rejection-

The list is vast-

how we’re left feeling though, is universal.

We’re left with the feeling of inability, self-doubt, fear- and sometimes even when we overcome many obstacles and achieve things we never thought we could- there are those times when the ugly threatens to derail us- and take us to that place where we felt small, insignificant and utterly unable.

What we all know with absolute surety, in the depths of our core, is that we are absolutely able, that we are amazing, that we have so much wealth on the inside of us it’s impossible to not believe we were destined for great things.

It is this knowing that often frustrates us- whether we realise it or not.

It doesn’t matter how far down we plunge, or how tragic our circumstances feel- those are not what bring us down- what brings us down is that knowing that we’re meant for so much more.

When I began The Beautiful Series Event last year, I was in the process of emerging from a place of loss, utter devastation in my career, suicidal depression and hopelessness.

It was out of my own desperate need for encouragement that I rallied as many women as I could to hold onto each other and be reminded of who we truly were, despite the uglies that had come against us.

It’s been almost a year since that first event- and now I believe that the call to us is to:

“Get on with it”.

I remember, years ago, watching a young woman on Oprah who had gone through the loss of her face. Yes, she lost her entire face.

She’d been in a car crash where everyone she’d been with died-

She was the only survivor.

Flames had engulfed the car she’d been in- by the time rescuers got to her she had burns all over her body that symbolised that from that day on her life, as she had known it, would never be the same again.

This girl who had once looked like a magazine cover model now had a face that had no form- no amount of surgery could ever give her back what she lost in that fire.

As she told her story on Oprah she recalled how she’d cry every day- for hours. From the pain- from the loss- from the reality of what she was living…

She said one day her cousin told her:

“You’ve cried enough now.”

Her cousin went on to tell her that she could cry for a few minutes a day- but that was it- it was time for her to get on with her life.

Oh how harsh that sounds! But it was that push- to “get on with it” that this Young woman said helped her start to living again.

She realised she could grieve for the rest of her life, or she could live.

She chose to live.

She shared how people stared at her- that it was still very hard- but she had decided to enjoy her life.

While this Young woman’s face would never be what it once was- she found healing that gave her peace and, yes- even joy in the midst of an ugly that had threatened to snuff her out.

We all have an ugly-

What’s Yours?

Are You going to let it snuff You out? Or are You going to live?

We are only victims when we accept the lie that we are powerless- and that our Beauty, joy, wholeness and fulfillment depend on someone or something else changing our circumstance.

This year I’ve felt God urge me to get out of my own head-

To stop being so focused on myself and the number one concern for most of us: “Me”.

I was in my kitchen not too long ago- complaining- feeling very sorry for myself for all the things I felt weren’t going my way.

I thought I was praying- but turns out that what I was doing was nowhere near prayer-

I was throwing a tantrum- like a two year old would.

So there I was, ranting away at God- asking Him when oh when were things I was believing for going to happen?!

Right in the middle of my pity party- I felt God cut right in and ask: “Hannah,

“When is it not going to be all about You?”

He asked in such a gentle, loving manner that I knew He wasn’t angry or fed-up with me. This was a loving call from a Father who knows all too well the dangers of being that self-focused.

In His question, He was turning my face to see the Bigger Picture- that there was more to all this than just me- or what I thought I “needed”.

The closer we get to our upcoming The Beautiful Series Event the more I feel this to be the call- to look beyond ourselves- to look beyond our own wants and needs and see the Bigger Picture.

The Bigger Picture is this:

You Beautiful One are the Answer someone else needs.

As long as we’re obsessed with fighting the ugly coming against we can never release the Beauty we’re meant to.

Look any which way and You’ll see desperate need.

Schools that need to be built. Poverty that must be uprooted. Children who need to be rescued. Men who need to be loved unconditionally and reminded of their royalty. Women who’ve been so broken they no longer even know what Beauty is- The answer isn’t for us to pity those situations- the answer is for us to get on with it and respond to the desperate needs that surround us.

The ugly didn’t come to only destroy You Beautiful One, the ugly came to stop You from releasing Your Beauty; so that the answer You were meant to be- would never be realised.

When God placed the title of our upcoming October 7 Event on my heart, I knew His invite came with an assignment:

Run! Get on with it!

You may be in heels, trying to look good through your ugly- It might be uncomfortable running while trying to keep your heels on- but run anyway.

Finish the course that has been set before You.

Whatever You may have been through, or are going through right now, that’s got You feeling ugly- know that You are Beautiful. And You are a Warrior.

Despite the ugly You may be battling, it’s time to get on with it. There’s a Bigger Picture. We’re being called to see it.

I send You Love,


Declare Your Victory

No matter what You see today- Declare Your Victory!

There was a Dad who’d gone to Jesus to ask Him to please come and heal his very sick daughter- as the man was waiting for Jesus to come, someone came and told him to leave Jesus alone, it was too late, his daughter had died.

Jesus didn’t even respond to the news.

He just turned to the Dad and said, “Don’t be afraid, only believe.”

When Jesus reached the man’s home, found people mourning- He asked them what on earth they were doing! One would say, “Um Jesus, did You not hear the message, the kid died! That’s why these people are mourning!”

The reason Jesus asked why they were mourning was because He wasn’t looking at the natural, He was seeing and operating and seeing in the Supernatural. And from His Spirit Jesus declared:

“The girl’s not dead- she’s only sleeping.”

The people who’d been mourning, weeping and wailing, laughed at Jesus. He threw all of them out of the house- He didn’t want their unbelief contaminating what He was about to do.

He took the little girls parents and the three disciples He’d brought with him to the girl’s room- and very gently, holding the beautiful 12 year old’s hand- almost in a whisper, (because that’s all that was needed)– He said, “Little Girl, Arise.”

And the girl, who’d been declared dead- opened her eyes- got up- and Arose– Just like Jesus told her to.

If You have spoken to God about Your situation, know that Jesus is ever interceding for You.

No matter what You see- no matter what people say- even if folks laugh at your faith-

You declare Your victory.

Don’t move. Don’t budge. Declare it! Because all we see with our physical eyes is the natural- but our God is supernatural- and if it’s in Him we’re trusting, then we have to open our spiritual eyes.

Open Your spiritual eyes Beautiful One, and see Your Victory!

I send You Love,


Hannah Viviers is the Creator and Host of the Dream BIG TV Show, and The Beautiful Series Event.

Why we NEED Jealousy to THIRVE

Years ago when my Guy and were still dating, I remember us being somewhere- a woman who knew him walked by us.
Beaming, this woman greeted my husband and then- girl reached over to my husband and brushed her hand over him!
oooh can you feel my blood pressure Rising!
My Guy and I had just started dating- but looking at this woman I was thinking, “GIRL, touch MY Man again and you’ll see the side of me that don’t know Jesus!”
Oh! I was putting them gloves ON!
Touch MY man! Girl You crazy! HOW – mara H-O-W- you gonna BRUSH your hand over ANOTHER Woman’s Man!
I was fixing to get all black-belt-ninja up in there!
(Yeah… I can’t kick to save my life- or somersault like ninjas… but You’ll do crazy things when Provoked!  🙂  )
Well… She probably meant nothing by it- but You know what I mean….
What woman in her RIGHT mind DOES THAT!
That’s just madness asking for a fight.
Or is it just me?
C’mon People, let’s be honest, isn’t this how we react when we’re jealous?
We fight for what is RIGHTFULLY ours.
BUT… Someone told us jealousy was wrong.
Someone told us jealousy meant we were insecure…
So let’s go over to The Scriptures for a moment and see- Ohp! Says right there:
“…I the Lord your God am a jealous God…” 
(Exodus 20:5)
No that can’t be right…
Oh but then look at another portion of Scripture:
“For thou shalt worship no other god; for the Lord, whose Name is Jealous, is a jealous God.” (Exodus 34:14)
God not only said He was Jealous, Dude
NAMED HIMSELF Jealous… (!)
Could it be that perhaps we got the wrong memo on this “Jealous” thing?
For a while I struggled with this-
I knew what God had called me to do- and by goodness every day I breathed I was at it, doing what I believed He’d assigned for me to do.
But it BOTHERED me that every now and then, I’d get jealous!
To the point I was like:
This is NOT at all my character to be jealous!
I’m happy for my friends when they succeed- really I am!
So what’s this oddly weird feeling I’m getting-
Making it worse was that I was SURROUNDED by powerhouses who were constantly doing stuff- rising higher- doing amazing things…
So You can imagine my insane discomfort when this Jealousy started creeping in- getting BIGGER… I prayed against it- I rebuked it- I was so ashamed for feeling this way-
UNTIL I started thinking but wait a minute…
I don’t envy my friends doing well- first of all I’m genuinely happy for them- second I love them dearly and bless God for their successes- thirdly, they’re INSPIRING me to operate at a whole other level- AND, because I’m seeing God bless them, I’m pushing into God too and praying for stuff I didn’t know I could pray for-
They’re showing me what’s possible!
I began to wonder if this “jealousy” was such a bad thing after all…
It seemed to have such wonderful benefits.
You see a lot of dictionaries and even well-meaning people have this jealousy definition twisted-
When the Bible says God is a “Jealous” God- my understanding is He is aggressively protective over what is RIGHTFULLY His.
It would’ve been insanity for me to be jealous about a woman touching her own man-
that’d be stupid.
But I went all blurry eyed! fixing to PUNCH somebody because they touched MY MAN!
Jealousy is a brilliant sign that we desire something that is rightfully ours.
So I see my friend succeed, my jealousy isn’t: I want HER success- my jealousy is: God help me Succeed, as You have helped her, at MY OWN THING!
I soon discovered that the reason my “jealousy” was getting worse was God was provoking me to MORE!
My jealousy was compounding because I’d RISEN to a place in my life where I was SURROUNDED by IRON- I was connected to more POW People than I’d ever been in my life.
Their achievements were spurring me to an even greater desire to succeed.
Jealousy is a powerful director toward our destiny.
It’s ENVY that’s the problem-
Envy is destructive. It takes at the cost of others. It seeks for greed and selfish gain. Envy is rooted in pride.
Lucifer envied God. We know how that ended.
Envy is a sinister spirit that craves what’s NOT OURS to have.
For instance someone gets the job we wanted- we HATE their guts!
We speak ill of them and declare that we have NO idea how THEY got the job!
Did you ever stop to think that maybe that job was NOT what God had for You?
While You’re consumed by coveting a position that’s not yours you are definitely missing out on what IS yours. 
Another example of Envy at work is: You’re a single man or woman- you see a couple wildly in love and you wish that for yourself. To be in love like that. To someday meet your OWN wonderful person and share something that magical with them. That’s jealousy- and what it does is it provokes you to pray and trust God that what you see of that loving couple is possible for you too.
Nothing wrong with that.
Let’s now look over to the dark side and see how very different envy is:
Envy is a single person looking at that SAME loving couple I just mentioned  and them wanting THAT person, who is in a relationship for themselves!
That person is NOT yours to want!
Envy wants to get rid of the rightful owner and place themselves in that position.
It was Envy that  led the mighty King David to murder.
You never ever want to dabble with envy.
But Jealousy on the other hand
PROVOKES us to go higher.
Jealousy stirs in us a desire for the supernatural move of God in our lives.
Quite frankly, I don’t pursue relationships with people who have nothing I can be jealous of- because then they’ll never challenge me.
Most of the people I connect with- oh I can write books on all the stuff they’ve got that makes me jealous.
My heart burns for what they’ve experienced- whether it’s their hunger for God- or supernatural deliverance and revelation God’s given them, or perhaps breakthrough in business and work- Man! I am surrounded by some gigantic characters!
They provoke me to ask God for things I wouldn’t have even thought to ask for-
They provoke me to cry out: DaddyGod enlarge my territory too!
They provoke me stop wasting time, RISE and operate in the fullness God’s called me too.
I don’t envy them- I celebrate them-
I pray God’s abundance to keep pouring out on them- I love them and I LURV how God uses them to PROVOKE me to Dreaming BIGGER, Believing MORE and Working Harder to abundantly release what He put inside me!
I bless God for confirming what I’ve learned about  jealousy through a teaching I recently heard from T.D. Jakes.
It’s through this teaching that I’m finally able to articulate what I’ve been feeling for so long.
To see some of what is in that T.D. Jakes’ teaching please click HERE
I highly recommend getting a hold of this DVD- it’ll revolutionise how you deal with jealousy and it’ll propel you into a HIGHER level of operation.
I send You Love,


taken from TD Jakes’ “Provoked on Purpose” teaching, from the Series: “Sleeping Giants”


There’s NOTHING that gets on your nerves, like seeing somebody else, do what You have always wanted to do.

Now I know that You’re a prayer warrior, and you’re a missionary, and you pray in Tongues, and you don’t wanna act like you understand what it’s like to be jealous- BUT let’s take off our “Church Face” for one minute and be REAL: It gets on YOUR NERVES! when you see other people stepping into what You were created to do!

Because You say:

“What’s wrong with me?!”

(In 1 Samuel 1:6-7) The Lord uses Penninah, to Provoke Hannah.

God says, “I sent this situation in your life, to GET ON YOUR NERVES!”

“I shut up Your womb, but that didn’t work- So- I blessed her (Penninah) to PROVOKE YOU!”

Sometimes God blesses people around you to create a thirst, to make you pray, to make you call on Him, to make You seek His Face…

Sometimes, God’ll put somebody in Your life, to show You what He could do… (for You) if you really believed Him.

Because if You never see Somebody do Something, You’ll never think that you can do it.

BUT! the moment you see that if God could bless him/her, (then You believe) He can bless You too!

God sends some people into your life to PROVOKE You!


Don’t Beg!

This shockingly beautiful girl in the pic- that’s My daughter Sky- how cute is she!

So anywho, the other day we were chatting and she said, “Oh Mommy PLEEEEEEEEEASE get me an Elsa cake for my birthday?”

Me: “Why are You begging Sky?”

Sky: “Because Elsa is my favourite!”

My little cutie pie hadn’t understood my question.

The reason I was asking why she was begging for said Elsa cake was because the day before we’d ALREADY chosen the Elsa cake she wanted.

We’d agreed on it and it was a DONE deal.

We were just waiting on her birth date to arrive for this cake to make an appearance.

As we had this exchange I FINALLY got how God must feel when we beg Him for stuff.

EVERYTHING we will ever want or need, God has provided for us according to His riches in glory.

Begging Him to give us what He’s ALREADY said Yes and Amen to, is like my daughter begging me for a cake that was already hers!

Stop begging.

Begging is for beggars.

And You are NOT a beggar; You’re a Child- a Son, a Daughter, of the Most High God.

When we we were going through Elsa cake pictures to pick just the one my little princess wanted, even just the process was such a delight for me!

She sat on my lap- super excited-

When she found the one she wanted, I was JUST as excited-

These are the moments I treasure with my babies.

It is SUCH a joy! SUCH a blessing to see their little faces come alive and to have some hand in making that happen!

The Father we have in God is NO different!

Although we’re planning MONTHS ahead, I can’t wait to see my little girl’s face when she sees her actual cake in real life.

It’s already hers, we’re just waiting for the day to arrive.

What you deeply desire is already yours.

God is as excited to see you experience it as You are to receive it.

Don’t EVER underestimate how much God adores You- or how mushy and gooey He is over You.

The girl in this picture, there are few things I won’t do just to see that gorgeous smile on her face.

YOU are loved like that. Live like it.




Who told you to Shut-Up?

Who told you to be quiet?

Who told you to keep your head down and not speak? Or dance. Or shout. Or declare Your victory.

Who tied you in chains and left you for dead?

Who broke you until you felt you could never be mended?

Who said You couldn’t?

Who said you were broken?

Who said you weren’t enough?

Tell me woman, who made you hide?

Could it be…

Could be that it wasn’t just an attack on You? But an attack on every human being whose life you’d impact?

Because if Your light shone as it should- who knows whose lives would be transformed?

Could it be that your future was too bright? Too BIG that you had to be stopped- and this way- this pain- this hurt- this betrayal was the only way to SHUT You up?

Could it be?

Could it be that the shouts of who you were going to be were made known the moment you were conceived in your mother’s womb? and what terrifying shouts they were to the enemy! For the shouts declared that You were MIGHTY and you would do great things- so… you had to be stopped.

Maybe you were too small to remember- but the attacks on your destiny began way before your mind began to record your life.

Could it be that it was because of Your Amazing that you had to be shut down and Shut-Up?

Broken so you’d always believe that this was how your life was meant to be?

Shattered until you stopped believing that you were a Star- nay brighter than a star- that you were higher- just like God. Created in precisely the same splendour as Him. Given His power. His Might. His Spirit.

How do I know?

Because His Word says that as Jesus is, so are YOU in this world. (1 John 4:17)

You are higher and brighter than the highest and brightest sun.

For You are Like Him.

But the attacks that came… they hurt so much that you were made to forget.

Could it be Beautiful one, that even though you felt you died- you didn’t?

Could it be that maybe you’re far stronger than You ever imagined?

Could it be that the drum of greatness and destiny as you’d once dreamed still lives on the inside of you? But it waits. It waits for you- for the palms of your hands to beat it.

Beat that drum LOUD!

Could it be that the reason you didn’t give up- you didn’t die- you didn’t completely lose it, was the hope you had- however small?

Woman! Who told you to shut-up?

When you were small, maybe you had to- to survive.

But you’re big now. SO big!

You can speak. You can SHOUT!

You can STOP Shutting-Up!

Take the gag from your mouth-


Remove the things you’ve hidden behind.

We are waiting for You!

No one filled the space you were meant to.

If you don’t show-up we lose.

You have NO idea the power in You!

Could it be that you were saved and called and preserved for a time such as this?

PLEASE! Don’t Shut-Up! SHOW-UP!

Arise Beautiful One!

No More Masks!


June 3, 2017, Northriding, Johannesburg

Email: for more info

He’s setting a table… For You!

Hey Beautiful One.

I’ve cried quite a bit this week.
It’s been good.
At times I felt silly, like I should hold back the tears- but I decided they were coming because they needed to.
Ever felt like that? Like you wanna cry but you’re holding it in?
I say: LET IT OUT Girlfriend! If you needs to cry just go ahead and cry!
It may be out of deep pain and sorrow.
It may be out of joy and a sense of being so overwhelmed you can’t help but just let those tears flow-
Whatever the reason, Go ahead and let them out
I’ve had a lot of things happening- maybe I’ll share some time.
But something so good happened this week.
There’s a lady I’ve had on my heart, for a while, to invite to speak at The Beautiful Series Event.
I’ve watched and admired her from afar.
This week there were things she said that brought me to tears.
On that day I was feeling something on my heart- I wanted to talk about it but didn’t know the words… Then I saw something she’d written. I read it and cried. For it spoke my heart so articulately.
I knew then I had to stop procrastinating and just ask her if she’d join us on June 3 and speak?
She said… YES!!!!
Her name is Kerryne Krause-Neufeldt, Founder, Owner and CEO of eyeSlices.
Some of you may know her.
Kerryne Krause-Neufeldt, Founder, Owner and CEO of eyeSlices

​This is one of her products:

What’s most incredible about Kerryne, isn’t just that she spent over ten years developing her range, or that she’s seen HUGE success in South Africa and overseas as well, in countries such as the UK- All that is WOW WOW WOWhowever it’s her heart for Jesus and declaration of her life as being a Daughter of the King that’s been uber compelling.
Some of You have been called to business, what does that look like as a Daughter of the King?
Kerryne tells me that come June 3 she would like to share her story on Identity and Purpose with us.
I believer her story is going to be precisely what some of us need for this leg of our journey.
I’ve already mentioned that Jenna-Leigh Bilong will also be joining us. 
You’ll remember her from our Feb 4 event.
Author, TV Personality and Community Builder, Jenna-Leigh Bilong
Jenna’s titled her talk The Reveal”.
For those of you who attended Feb 4, I’m sure you’ll agree that I needn’t say more about Jenna 
It’s going to be SUCH a feast!
I’m EXCITED because God is preparing a table… for You!
June 3 is going to be a WHOLE other level for You.
For a reminder of all the Event details click HERE
Please remember the offer for early Bird Tickets ends this Saturday, April 15.
May DaddyGod continue His perfect work in You.
Much Love,