Serious about Weight Loss

Are You serious about losing weight?

We’ve found that, for best results, the best place to start is a proper body cleanse, or Detox.

You may ask, What is body detoxing? Charlotte Gerson explained it best by saying: 

“In order to get the body to work, you also have to get the poisons out. You have to intensively detoxify.”

– Charlotte Gerson

You may be asking yourself, Why Detox?

Simply put detoxing is one of the most effectively proven ways to get slim, sexy and super healthy.

So… are You ready to

Get SUPER healthy, super sexy and super slim the Healthy way?


This transformation took just 14 days!(Our clients lose between 3.5 to 5 kilos in just 7 days!)


Think your flat tummy days are over? Think again!

No more lying down to put your pants on!

No more sucking your tummy in to fit into your favourite jeans!

This program is designed to:

  • Help you lose weight
  • Boost fertility
  • Lower Cholesterol
  • Normalise blood sugar
  • Eliminate High Blood Pressure
  • Balance hormones


Do you want to Look:

  • younger with fresher, clearer skin?
  • sexier with a slimmer waist and bode?

Then this is for You!

Aren’t you tired of feeling fat, tired and unhealthy?

You don’t have to feel that way ever again! BOOST your energy and feel AMAZING!

Feel better than you have in YEARS!

Join others just like you who’ve discovered The BEST way to get super healthy the healthy way


What You’ll find in the Program:

  • Detailed consultation
  • Full Coffee enema Kit (with training – to see our packages click Here)
  • Detailed day to day eating plan (click Here for options)
  • Full shopping lists
  • Ongoing support throughout your detox process


Central to our program are coffee enemas which are an extremely powerful tool for effective detoxification. Coffee enemas, along with proper nutrition have been used to successfully treat infertility, asthma,  diabetes, various chronic and degenerative diseases including cancer. Read more about Coffee Enemas by clicking HERE

This detox program is based on the tried and tested principle of getting rid of toxic overload in the body and giving the body the right foods it needs to heal and restore.

Contact us now for a free consult- NO PRESSURE, just facts about getting You healthier.


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DISCLAIMER: This detox program is not recommended for pregnant or breastfeeding moms.

The recommendations provided are never to replace medical advice. Recommendations provided in my detox program and all accompanying material are intended ONLY as information and education and should NOT be taken as medical advice. If you’re seeking diagnoses, treatment, help and treatment for specific illnesses (medical conditions) please consult relevant health practitioners, be it a qualified natural medicine doctor (and other qualified nutrition therapists), doctor or equivalent health professional. Neither I nor the Publishers accept liability for those who choose to use my detox program and related material provided therein. Please consult your doctor before embarking on this detox program or making any changes to your diet, especially if you’re taking any medications.